Whom And What They Like
by Maureen B. Ocks

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"Is there then any terrestrial paradise where, amidst the whispering
of the olive-leaves, people can be with whom they like and have
what they like and take their ease in shadows and coolness?" --
Ford Madox Ford, "The Good Soldier"


Scully was balancing the baseball bat, lengthwise, on her index and
middle finger.  The dance she did to keep it balanced was quite
entertaining and slightly amazing considering the shoes she was
wearing.  "You're doing pretty well there for a beginner."

"Mulder, think like you did when you were with the BSU."

"Excuse me?"

"Did the subject grow up in a home with males?"


"Did the subject grow up in a community with other children?"


"Did the subject spend the first fifteen years of her life on Naval
bases where at any given time, a dozen or so young men could be
found at the base park playing everything from stickball to

"The subject is familiar with baseball."

"So this is why you raced out of the office today, after defacing FBI
property, to play baseball?  And to leave me behind to clean up
after you."  She tries to take her eyes off the bat to give me a glare
but if she's keeping the bat in the air, I'm not getting the attention I
probably deserve.

"I saw a familiar face in the sports section of the 1947 paper."

"In the Roswell Daily Record?"

"In the Roswell Daily Record."

"Who was in the Roswell Daily Record in 1947?"

"I thought it was Arthur Dales."

"The man we saw in Florida?"

"Yep, I thought it was him."

"Was it?"

"No, it was his brother."

"Arthur Dales has a brother?"

"Yes, and you'll never guess his name."

"His brother's name?"


"I don't know, John?"

"Nope.  It's a bit off the beaten path."


"Dale Dales, no."


"Like your name?"

"There are male Danas."

"And I'm glad you're not one of them.  No, he's not a Dana."

"Oh, Fox.  His name is Fox."  She starts laughing.

"No, his name isn't Fox.  It's Arthur."

"Arthur Dales's brother is named Arthur Dales."

"His sister has that name too."

"I don't ever want you to complain about being Fox if there is
really a woman out there running around with the name Arthur
Dales."  As she tries to look at me, the bat finally tips over. 
"Dammit."   She picks up the bat and tries balancing it on her
fingers again.  "So what was Arthur Dales's brother Arthur doing in
the paper?"

"He was protecting a baseball player from the Klan, among other

"Ah, the Negro Leagues.  Like your shirt by the way."

"Arthur the brother had some information about Roswell in 1947
and some other interesting beliefs."

"Such as."

"Baseball is life."

"O.K." She replies in her best skeptical tone. 

"No.  Seriously.  At any given game, you have a crowd where
attorneys at white shoe law firms sit next to cops and factory
workers.  The guys on the field are from Texas, Panama, the
Dominican Republic, Japan, Mexico, Kansas   almost everywhere
in the world but the town they're playing for.  They're there for one


"Love, joy, passion."

"That's three reasons and money is four."

"Love of the game, lifelong friendships made playing little league,
made trading baseball cards.  You follow your team passionately,
root against your rivals the same way."

"The secret of life is passion for baseball."

"No, not the secret:  the spice, the fun."

"So Mr. No Fun this morning is suddenly Fox Mulder, party guy?"

"Did you have a good time tonight?"

"I had a great time tonight, Mulder.  Thank you for inviting me."

"Why did you have a great time tonight?"

She puts the bat down now and turns her full attention to me. 
Nothing like a good question to get Scully going.  "Because this
was fun.  Because when I walked up here and saw you hitting, I
figured you'd do the guy thing and point me to the bleachers to
watch you hit.  It was fun playing just to play again."

"Did you like to play as a kid?"

"Yeah, I had two brothers.  If I wanted to spend any time with my
father when he'd come home during the summer months, learning
to shag flies as Charlie and Bill hit and Dad pitched was required."

"They didn't let you hit."

"A couple of swings just before we'd go in for the night.  It was
1975.  Dad was progressive when it came to what he thought his
daughters could do, but not that progressive."  She smiles at the

I smile at her smile and watch her smile grow a little wider.   "I'm
glad you had a good time tonight."

"Everyone loves baseball.  And you may have a point, baseball
fans certainly cross class and gender lines.  You root for your
beloved Yankees here, Charlie's son who's seven wants nothing
more in life than to be Derek Jeter.  I'm guessing that outside the
Yankees, you two may not have much in common."

"But that's enough, Scully.  That's enough."  I look at my watch. 
9:10pm on a Saturday is way too early to end the night.  "You have
anything against real ice cream?"

"I love real ice cream."

"That thing you were eating today..."

"I was eating?"

"We shared, the thing we shared today, is an insult to real ice

"It also has almost no calories.  If I knew we'd be playing ball
tonight I might have gotten a real cone.  Of course I still wouldn't
have enjoyed much of it."

"Eddie's Sweet Shop is about four blocks from here."

"I could use a sundae."

"Everybody could use a sundae.  Tell me, Agent Scully, I tried to
squeeze every last drop out of this sweet life tonight.  Did I

She tossed the bat to me, "Baseball and sundaes, Mulder, you may
get the swing of this fun thing yet."


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Eddie's Sweet Shop is a real ice parlor, just not in Washington
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