By Maureen B. Ocks

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North Georgetown Hospital 
Waiting Room

I heard her shoes long before her voice.  "He'll live."  


"Flesh wound.  Mulder, about the case..."

I put my hand up.  Not really sure what she's going to say but I don't
care.  The last thing I want is our somewhat fragile relationship being
Patterson's last victim.

She sat down next to me. 

"Do you know what my first case was at the BSU?"

"Didn't they have you working at the Academy?"

"Myth.  There was a flaw in the test case.  I pointed it out.  One
thing lead to another.  Suddenly, I'm Wonderboy."

"I think you were..."  She stops, stares at her shoes.  

"You think what?"  I look at her.

She looks me right in the eyes, "I don't think it was a myth.  You
were the fair-haired boy.  You still are. Patterson brought you in to
catch him.  No one would think he was responsible, that he was
working with Mostow.  Only you."  She looks again at her shoes. 
"So, your first case?"

"It was assigned to me personally by Patterson.  On Long Island,
young girls were turning up dead on the beach or swampy areas
near parks.  Not knowing much about serial killers but taking a wild
guess on Patterson, I concluded the killer's sister was a victim of a
violent crime, probably the same approximate age of the victims."

"The Bethpage Butcher."

"The beginning of an interesting few years."

We are quiet again for a while.  I finally confess.  "Skinner called
while you were playing doctor." 

"Excuse me." she replies in mock indignation.  "What did he want?"

"Me. Nine a.m. in his office."

"You did excellent work, Mulder."

"The Director thinks so."

"*The* Director?  Does the Director want to see you?"

"9:45, his office with Skinner."  I scrub my face with my hands. 
"About six months before you came along, the last Director brought
me in.  Impressed by what I accomplished, thought I was doing
interesting work but my gift, his word, was being wasted."

"Think this Director will do the same?"

"No, Skinner said he wants me to run the BSU.  My BSU
background, management experience with the X Files along with
catching Patterson makes me the best option."

"He has a point."  She is quiet for a while but finally asks, "Are you
going to do it?"

"No."  I can feel her relief.  Maybe I'm not the only one worried
about the other department member leaving. 


"I haven't found my sister, who took you, who killed my father, your
sister.  Too much to do downstairs."

"They'll never offer you anything like this again."

"Not interested.  I'm fine downstairs."

She's quiet again for a while. "If you're going to see the Director,
maybe you should go and get some sleep."

"Maybe.  Wanna ride?"  I stand and start fishing for my keys.

"No, I'll stay until there is some official word on Patterson."

"OK."  I start walking away but turn back, "I'm sorry if you

"I meant what I said.  Only you, Wonderboy."

Maybe we're not victims after all.


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