Chapter 2

Archie: I used to box for Oxford.
Otto: I used to kill for the CIA.


Fox Mulder's Apartment
Alexandria, VA

Scully parked her Explorer about two blocks from Mulder's apartment.  

Mulder was scratching his side again as he walked into his apartment.  While 
Scully started checking his Discman for batteries and CD collection for 
appropriate traveling music, Mulder went into his bedroom.   

He grabbed the old biography of Jung sitting on the floor near his bed.  
Flipping to the back of the book, Mulder found an envelope -- his "secret 
stash".  "You know Scully," he told her, "the men who regularly toss this 
apartment are either honest or totally uninterested in the workings of the 
mind."  He told her he had close to sixty thousand dollars in that envelope 
-- good year for real estate on the Vineyard.  

When he walked into the living room, Scully had her gun drawn on someone at 
his front door.  Peeking around the corner, Mulder saw Walter Skinner with 
his hands in the air.

"It's like deja vu all over again." Mulder said.  "Come in sir."

Skinner walked slowly into the room.  Closing the door behind him, Mulder 
ordered Skinner to stop and relieved the Assistant Director of his weapon 
before directing him to the couch.    

"I'll sit on my hands, make this easier." Skinner told his agents.

"Found the digital tape sir?" Scully's voice dripped with sarcasm.            

"Agent Fowley is demanding you be brought in for causing grave danger to 
Agent Mulder."

"Mulder, you feeling better?" Scully asked.


"Good, now I'm demanding that Agent Fowley be brought in for causing grave 
danger to Agent Mulder.  Show him your chest Mulder."

Mulder lifted his shirt and showed the burns.

"Agent Fowley did that?" Skinner asked, amazed.

"With her trusty little stun gun."  Mulder leaned against the wall.  "She 
became distressed after I discovered her true interests in my health and 

"And she lied on her version of events on Mulder's admission forms.  
According to Agent Fowley, Mulder had to be controlled by the EMTs."  Scully 

"Are you sick Agent Mulder?"

"Only of the lies.  Who are you working with, sir?"

Skinner looked straight at Mulder, "The FBI."

"Alex Krycek back on the payroll?" Scully asked.

"I don't know what you are talking about." Skinner lied.

"Since January," Mulder said, "he was the reason you got sick."

Skinner could not hide his surprise, "How do you know?"

Scully noticed Mulder was leaning against the wall, Skinner's gun hanging 
uselessly in his right hand.  Keeping her eye and weapon firmly on the 
Assistant Director, she walked over to Mulder and tucked the gun in the 
waistband of his jeans.

Mulder slid into one of his chairs, "Alex Krycek was the one who made you 
sick last winter.  He's been calling the shots ever since."

"Only since you got the X Files back.  He's been monitoring what's been going 
on with you and Agent Scully.  You were right Agent Scully," Skinner watched 
her stand behind Mulder, "your apartment and your office are wired.  So is 
this place.  You need some help."

"The only thing we need is to know why you are here." Scully replied.

"I came here to warn you about Agent Fowley.  She is going after you, Agent 
Scully, with all the professional weight she can muster.  I told you she 
wants you brought in for endangering Agent Mulder's life.  She also wants 
Agent Mulder returned to Georgetown Memorial.  She claims Agent Mulder was 
violent in his dealings with her.  She has a torn blouse as evidence."

"I never touched Agent Fowley."

"I didn't make the accusation, she did.  I came here to retrieve the tape in 
your smoke detector in hopes of clearing you."

"Agent Fowley, in all likelihood, has taken the tape."  Scully told the 
Assistant Director.

"She's had a hard time getting out of Hoover today.  After the accusations 
were made against the two of you last night, the Select Committee on 
International Intelligence sent a rather urgent request to her A.D. for 
several years worth of back records and expense reports.  Seems there are 
some questions about the funds she spent going through England, France, East 
Germany and Tunisia."

"That is Bradford's and Matheson's committee.  Pays to have friends."  Mulder 

"She has a deadline of less than twenty-four hours or she'll be facing fraud 
charges.  Your patrons on the Hill are helping."

"And you?" Scully asked Skinner.

"I am doing my best, as always, to keep walking the line..."

"Illegally taping my apartment, my office, Agent Mulder's apartment and 
office isn't walking any line."

"Agent Scully, whatever the two of you are onto is way beyond any line.  If 
charges are brought against you and Agent Mulder, I won't be able to protect 
you.  Matheson and Bradford can only keep Agent Fowley busy for a day or two. 
 After that, any large group of law enforcement officials may be brought in 
to work against you. I do not doubt her ability to marshall whatever 
resources she needs -- from getting me removed from the OPR review panel to 
bringing in the CDC last winter.   Whatever you are looking for, find it."

Mulder struggled to his feet.  He removed the ammo clip of Skinner's weapon 
before returning the gun to the Assistant Director.  "If the tape is in 
there, take it and hide it.  I may need it when we get back."  Mulder tossed 
the clip to Scully

"Where are you going?" Skinner asked.

"What did you tell me once after a hearing?  If you don't know, you won't 
have to explain it." Scully was still wary.  "Sit here for a few minutes, 
then see if the tape is there.  If I see you following us, I will deem you a 
grave threat to Agent Mulder."

Scully picked up Mulder's Discman and the handful of CDs.  She gave the A.D. 
one last look before leaving with Mulder.

"Scully, run." Mulder grabbed her arm as she left his apartment.  Before the 
pair could turn the left corner along his apartment, a shot rang out.  

Alex Krycek was standing near the elevator door.  "I thought you two would 
never get out of there."

"Krycek," Mulder took a step forward, partially shielding Scully, "was that 
you the other day after I passed out at AU?  Scully, I was just totally out 
of it and Alex here helped me home.  That's the best thing about you Krycek, 
always willing to lend a hand."  Mulder watched Krycek aim his weapon right 
at Mulder's head, "So to speak."

"I'm glad you think this is funny Mulder.  I can't wait to see the sense of 
humor section of your brain, up close and personal.  I may even put it in a 
jar at home."

"Put the gun away Alex.  You've been ordered to bring me in unharmed."

"That's right.  And if come along quietly, I'll only wound Agent Scully."

"Oh please Krycek," Scully laughed, "I'm not some pawn in a makeshift 
militia.  You put your gun down and I won't shoot you."

"He can't shoot you, Scully, he can't do anything." Mulder said cooly.

"Excuse me."  Krycek was annoyed, "I'll do what I have to.  As always.  If 
they would have listened to me in the beginning, Agent Scully would have 
stopped being a problem five years ago."

"If you consider firing at Agent Scully, I'll consider standing right in 
front of her.  You can't fire without me knowing." Mulder replied calmly, "In 
fact, there is nothing you can do to stop me from going back into my 
apartment and getting my weapon from the bottom drawer of my desk.  Now if 
you put your weapon down."

"You're full of shit Mulder."

"And you've been warned.  One more fuck up and the ones who are left will all 
walk away from you.  You lost your patron last summer.  The ones that didn't 
die at El Rico wonder why you weren't there."

"They never planned on including me."

"And now your only hope is me." Mulder chuckled.  "That just may be the most 
pathetic thing I've heard in months."

As Krycek glared at Mulder, he did not notice the door to Mulder's apartment 
opening.  Walter Skinner took one shot, dropping Krycek.

"Get out of here."  Skinner told his agents.

"Took you long enough to find my gun."  Mulder wanted to see how injured 
Krycek was.

"Next time leave me some ammunition."  Skinner walked over to the 
semiconscious and bleeding Krycek and took his gun.  "Alex and I are going to 
talk about reassessing our relationship."  The Assistant Director pulled at 
Krycek's boot and started dragging him toward Mulder's apartment.  "I think 
you need to get out of here."

Scully tugged on Mulder's arm.  "Even if he's alone, there will be more 
behind him if we don't go."

Mulder watched Skinner pull Krycek into his apartment.  "Get out of here." 
was the last thing Mulder and Scully heard before Skinner slammed the door.

They did just that.

# # #