"Which did you like better? Jedi" or"The Empire Strikes Back?"
"Empire had the better ending. Luke gets his hand cut off, finds
out Vader is his father, uh, Han gets frozen, taken away by
Boba Fett. It ends on such a down note. I mean, that's what life
is, a series of down endings. All "Jedi" had was a bunch of


Case File X990812:271572
Walter Skinner's notes.

...As for Agent Mulder, he is recovering under the watchful eye
of Agent Scully as well as Dr. Frank Harriman, Dr. Shaun
Duncan and Dr. Julian Kaplan.  According to the medical
reports prepared by Agent Scully, attached, Agent Mulder was
infected with a dormant virus during an investigation that took
him to Russia [Case File:  X971203:727891].  His contact with
materials from Dr. Chuck Burks's discovery in Africa
reactivated the virus.  The virus has been isolated.  Agent Scully
has marshalled the resources of several major universities as
well as the CDC to study the virus and will forward reports as

Agent Mulder and Scully are on paid leave until Tuesday,
September 7, 1999.  Both Agents were physically exhausted
from this case.  Since Agent Mulder was hospitalized twice
during the case, he will report to Quantico on September 7,
1999 for recertification.  Agent Mulder and Agent Scully were
debriefed last week when they returned from New Mexico and
will be debriefed again on September 8, 1999 at 10:15am in my

In other matters, Agent Diana Fowley, whose involvement in
the case is under investigation independently by Agent Scully
and the OPR, has tendered her resignation.  While OPR will end
their investigation with Agent Fowley's departure, Agent Scully
has submitted a request to continue her investigation.  At the
present time I am supporting Agent Scully's request since in all
likelihood, Agents Mulder and Scully will investigate Agent
Fowley's involvement whether the FBI sanctions it or not.  I
would prefer their investigation fly under the banner of the FBI
at this time.

The unidentified man pursuing Agents Mulder and Scully during
his illness is still recovering in Bethesda Medical Center under
constant guard.  Subject "K" is covering nicely from a bullet
wound and has been interviewed several times.  Until his
identity can be confirmed, he will remain under constant guard.

Finally, no information about the surveillance in the offices and
homes of Agents Mulder and Scully has been uncovered.  While
one tape from Agent Mulder's apartment is a part of Agent
Scully's investigation of Agent Fowley, no other reason has
been identified within the FBI for the surveillance.  Currently,
both Agents Mulder and Scully are recovering away from their
homes.  The FBI's security team will sweep both apartment for
any electronic surveillance devices during the week of August
30, 1999 with sweeps planned for both October and


For Immediate Release

Diana M. Fowley named Special Advisor to
Senate Select Committee on International Intelligence.

WASHINGTON DC -- September 1, 1999 -- Senator Richard
"Fritz" Sorenson welcomes Diana M. Fowley as a Special
Advisor to the Minority Counsel of the Senate Select
Committee on International Intelligence.

"Ms. Fowley comes to us with a solid background in both
domestic and international investigations," Senator Sorenson
said.  "Her addition to the Counsel's staff is part of the
Committee's vision to have the best investigators available to
fight the growing threat to the American way of life.  We are
pleased to have her on board.'' 

Prior to joining the Counsel's staff, Ms. Fowley was a Special
Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation from 1988 until
mid August 1999.  Her background includes time spent fighting
both international and domestic terrorism in the Bureau's
Violent Crimes Unit and as a Legal Attache.

Ms. Fowley has a B.A. in Psychology from the University of
Michigan, a M.A. from Princeton University and is finishing her
doctorate thesis in Experimental Psychology at Johns Hopkins

Senator Sorenson is the sixth term Senior Senator from
Vermont and is the ranking member of the Senate Select
Committee on International Intelligence.   He also announced
his intention to run for a seventh term in 2000.


     Senator Richard "Fritz" Sorenson, Washington D.C.
     Jim R. Bradley, Spokesman, 202/555-1627
     Mary Beth Barstow, Press Secretary, 202/555-1943>>


Author's notes:

If you made it here -- bless you!

Yikaisdahi is a Navajo word for The Milky Way.  According to
Navajo legends, the Milky Way was created by the spirits as
they travelled between heaven and earth.  Each star is a foot
print.  I don't know why, but that is just a beautiful way to
describe it.  

This is the longest thing I've written.  I wanted to finish it
before the season premiere and since Home ending about an
hour and a half ago, I did!   This was started in early June so it
is official -- I'm slow.

A few of the references explained:

Senator Sorenson is the guy who locked up Scully in
Tungunska/Terma.  He deserves Diana.

Dr. Sacks is the NASA doctor who cut into the rock in
Tungunska and got dead for his trouble.

Ben McKenna is "The Man Who Knew Too Much".  Jordan
Cochran is the female science genius in "Real Genius".  I figure
the Gunmen have a sense of humor and are movie fans.

If the science in this is wrong, please blame Sr. Lucille at my
high school.  In sophomore year, Sr. Lucille told my parents
that science wasn't my future, typing and Home Ec probably
were.  Well, I'm clueless with the periodic table but I can type
60 WPM and make one hell of a baked ziti so maybe Sr. Lucille
had a point.

My endless thanks to the amazing Shari Long, writer, listmom,
archivist and all around wonderful person.  No one is as patient,
kind and helpful as Shari.  This fanfic community of ours is
better every day for her presence.

Thank you also to the Primal Screamers.  They are a hell of a
bunch of women -- each and every one of them.  I am honored
by their friendship every day.

Finally thank you for the support and feedback I've gotten for
this and my past stories.  Every comment -- good or bad -- is a


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