Welcome to the Edge.  The Edge is a literary amalgam of science fiction, fantasy and slipstream writers who have one important thing in common, we are commited to writing something that makes you want to keep reading us--it may be unsettling, it may take you into realms of science you thought you didn't understand, it may touch the part of your brain that normally only talks to you when you dream.  But it will always have a certain, well, edge.

Over the Edge-- speculative fiction links.

Science Fiction Weekly, where writer and scientist/engineer Wil McCarthy has his column, Lab Notes. Good stuff for readers/writers.

Event Horizon: Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror, Original sf and fantasy magazine on the web, run and edited by some of the people who used to do OMNI ONLINE.

Seeing Ear Theatre | Originals, Original science fiction radio plays--on the net.

A Very Small Array Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers in New Mexico Writers collect in New Mexico like leaves against a fence. Something seemingly insubstantial holds them in the Land of Maņana. For unknown reasons this is particularly true of science fiction and fantasy writers.

Mississippi Blues, Kathleen Anne Goonan's second novel has just been released in trade paperback. Order it from the online bookstore.

253 - interactive novel home, Geoff Ryman's On-Line interactive Novel.

IFD Publishing has "The Dead Boy at Your Window" by Bruce Holland Rogers with illustrations by Alan M. Clark as well as a lot of other equally cool stuff besides.

The Edge
The Edge is Valerie J. Freireich, Kathleen Ann Goonan, Wil McCarthy, Maureen McHugh, Linda Nagata, Bruce Holland Rogers, Sean Stewart, and Sage Walker.  At the moment, we are considering the content of this page, and so there are no links within the page. Please feel free to visit the pages of

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