The Cheapest Olsen Twins Key Chain's On Earth!

Attention Olsenfans and club members,My Name is Dolly Stiver,
I'm a Member of Ashley's club I'm helping Ashley sell
these Key chains. Ashley and her family works hard making these key chains. I personally think they did a wonderful job on them.
They are really cool!!!! So If you want to order a Keychain Email Ashley at:

Okay, Here's what the key chains cost 4.00 each which is cheep.
In the stores they cost 8.00 plus tax.
She has school dance party keychains you can't get them in the stores Ashley and her family makes them specially made.
If you are Ashley's first buyer You'll get the little compact key chain it looks like a flower.

ok im selling key chains give me an offer and its yours[Unable to display image]

ok i am selling an autographed photo of mary kate and ashley olsen.
the highest bid wins i got it of a lady on yahoo auctions 2 years ago
she got it at barnes and noble 5 years ago at a mary kate and ashley signing period.
so it is worth alot every one who wants this give me a price

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here is a mary kate and ashley poster ill sell it for 5.00

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I am selling this mary kate and ashley autographed picture for five dollars.
i personally dont think its in fabulous condition but hey its atographed.
i got it of there fun club first one to email me back saying they'll buy it for five bucks gets it.