<DawnCapp> So, Becky, why don't you tell us what your two latest stories were just to refresh
memories (not that everyone didn't rush to read it as soon as it was posted) LOL

<Bonnie0455> no I worked at a nursing home (two different ones owned by dif companies). One
of the therapy managers got me fired on Thrusday

<BeckyB_27> the two latest?
<DawnCapp> Sure - the drabbles, right?
<BeckyB_27> Daybreak (a companion to Nightfall) and the Pen Hunt drabble
<teddbar06> Make that two of the latest.
<BeckyB_27> Wrote both yesterday when I was working on another longer piece that is just not
wanting to come out right just yet
<DawnCapp> So is that your cure for "writer's block"? :-)
<BeckyB_27> usually
<wnnepooh> I'd like to know that!
<teddbar06> You and Robyn work together a lot, do you end up playing muse for each other?
<BeckyB_27> sometimes I hash things out with Robyn, but since she's not here...
<wnnepooh> where is she?
<wolfshy> When did you first start writing Ts?  Which was your first piece?
<BeckyB_27> oh, yes, we do play muse for each other.  Quite a lot.
<BeckyB_27> she's at home on vacation till next Sunday
<BeckyB_27> I wrote my first story in April 97
<BeckyB_27> Disneyland Detour
<teddbar06> Is she doing her internship there?
<BeckyB_27> no, just visiting her parents
<BeckyB_27> she's staying here to do her residency -- 3 years
<wnnepooh> OOOH! I loved DLD!
<teddbar06> Cool.
<teddbar06> So did I.  It was a lot of fun
<wnnepooh> what was the inspiration for that?
<BeckyB_27> for awhile I was known as "Oh, you're the one who wrote the Disneyland story"
<BeckyB_27> we'd just been to Disneyland and Robyn thought I should send Jim and Blair there
<BeckyB_27> she wasn't really into TS yet, but thought I was enjoying others' fanfic way too
much not to write some of my own
<teddbar06> Gee, must be contagious.
<BeckyB_27> I think so.
<teddbar06> Hey, you have to start somewhere
<BeckyB_27> I never thought that the one story would lead me to where I am now...
<DawnCapp> LOL. Welcome to the club (though I'm just a newbie in comparison!)
<teddbar06> Which of your stories do you like the best?
<teddbar06> Which of your stories do you like the best?
<wnnepooh> How many stories do you have total?

<BeckyB_27> Oh, my, um...I really like my T&D stories, and I'm fond of "Hope and Fear"
<BeckyB_27> Last time I counted, somewhere around 70, I think

<teddbar06> LLAL, I bet you can't name them all without a cheat sheet
<BeckyB_27> no, probably not
<DawnCapp> Has your "heckler" showed up yet, Becky *smirk*
<BeckyB_27> yes, she just did
<BeckysBingbingBeta> Somebody calling me a heckler???? <G>
<wnnepooh> LOL
<DawnCapp> so I figured
<BeckyB_27> That's Robyn!
<BeckysBingbingBeta> -P

<BeckysBingbingBeta> Can I ask what we've been talking about?
<DawnCapp> You - behind your back *grin*
<BeckyB_27> Don't ask about the name,  you don't want to know
<BeckysBingbingBeta> I had a rough time getting a connection...
<BeckysBingbingBeta> sorry I'm late :-)
<wolfshy> No problem
<teddbar06> Just glad you made it
<BeckysBingbingBeta> Thank you!
<DawnCapp> Yep! Glad you have you here :-)

<BeckysBingbingBeta> So Becky, I hear you have a strange beta-reader?  Is this true?
<wnnepooh> i gotta ask about the name...

<BeckyB_27> We touched on my first story, how many stories I have, and what are my favorites,
<wnnepooh> BINGBING?
<BeckysBingbingBeta> okay
<BeckyB_27> strange beta-reader....um...yeah

<BeckyB_27> Robyn likes to "sing"

<teddbar06> So?
<BeckysBingbingBeta> I say that over and over when I get delirious
<BeckyB_27> the same song -- repeatedly
<BeckyB_27> until I want to hunt her down....
<teddbar06> Wait, you mean like 'der Bingle?
<wnnepooh> bing bing?  when you're delirious
<Bonnie0455> so Robyn is beckysbingbingbeta on here?
<BeckyB_27> yep
<Bonnie0455> what's der Bingle mean?
<teddbar06> WHat's the song?
<BeckyB_27> you should have seen the other names she was considering...
<teddbar06> Crosby

<teddbar06> Ouch.
<Bonnie0455> lol!
<BeckysBingbingBeta> I have a question :-)
<teddbar06> So, Robyn croons, and what does Becky do to retaliate?
<BeckyB_27> I tickle
<Bonnie0455> I take it Robyn likes Bing Crosby?
<teddbar06> LOL

<BeckysBingbingBeta> Becky, who's your favorite female prophecy character?
<BeckyB_27> actually, the bing-bing stuff has nothing to do with him
<BeckyB_27> my favorite...
<BeckyB_27> probably Kell
<wnnepooh> and then bingbing would be what?
<BeckysBingbingBeta> why?
<teddbar06> Why, what?
<BeckysBingbingBeta> Why is Kell your favorite character?
<BeckyB_27> because she's...well, she's the main character...and a female who takes charge
and can still be feminine when she wants to
<wnnepooh> cool!
<BeckysBingbingBeta> Becky, if you could date either Jim or Blair, which one would you pick?
<DawnCapp> LOL
<teddbar06> Yeah, there's a dearth of good female characters
<BeckyB_27> Robyn, I am going to get you later, you know....
<wnnepooh> HEY! I was just gonna aske that!  Who's priming the Beta?
<BeckyB_27> If I had to pick...Jim
<Bonnie0455> lol
<Bonnie0455> why?
<wnnepooh> Why NOT?
<teddbar06> That's OK Becky, her turn in the hotseat will come
<BeckysBingbingBeta> LOL!
<BeckyB_27> I don't know -- I'm just a JimBabe I guess
<Bonnie0455> hey graywulf you finally made it!
<teddbar06> Hey, works for me
<BeckyB_27> yeah, her turn will come, but I won't be able to be on the line at the same time.
<Bonnie0455> I would never have guessed, Becky! I thought you were a Blair Babe
<wnnepooh> What's your favorite Jim face?
<BeckyB_27> now there's an interesting question...
<inyx> yeppers
<BeckyB_27> probably one of two -- in Most Wanted, when he was waking up Blair after he was
gassed -- he looked so panicked
<wolfshy> Which one can you write better Jim or Blair?
<wnnepooh> Calm and serene like when he wakes up?  Ticked, when his jaw is clenched?
Tender like when Blair is hurt>?
<BeckyB_27> and in TSbyBS in the hospital scene after the media conference...he
just...looked...argh..I can't describe it
<Beckysbingbingbeta> It kicked me out! :-(

<BeckyB_27> which one can I write better?  it depends.  But probably Jim
<wnnepooh> do you feel you identify with Jim?
<DawnCapp> Hmmm... don't take it personally, Robyn *grin* As a resident, you'll have to get
used to being abused. LOL
<BeckyB_27> sometimes yes

<teddbar06> The expression in the hospital was almost worshipful.

<Beckysbingbingbeta> :-P Dawn
<BeckyB_27> my personality is closer to Jim's
<BeckyB_27> we're both a little cynical about life
<teddbar06> Poor Robyn
<Beckysbingbingbeta> and that would make me.... <bounce-bounce>
<teddbar06> ;)

<Bonnie0455> Robyn are you really like Blair?
<BeckyB_27> bounce-bounce is right
<wnnepooh> oh, dear.
<Bonnie0455> lol

<Beckysbingbingbeta> <bounce-bounce> <G>
<Bonnie0455> well they say opposites get along better than people too much a like
<wnnepooh> Becky, if you could write Robyn into a part, what would she be?
<BeckyB_27> into TS?
<wnnepooh> yes
<teddbar06> Blair's twin?
<Beckysbingbingbeta> Uh oh...
<BeckyB_27> LOL
<BeckyB_27> let's see...
<wnnepooh> LOL, tae
<Beckysbingbingbeta> crawls under the bed...
<BeckyB_27> probably some student who talked with Blair, both going a mile a minute with Jim
looking with his mouth hanging open astounded
<Beckysbingbingbeta> HEY!!!!  I don't talk *that* much!
<wnnepooh> very cool.
<teddbar06> Ooohh.  I see a new story coming!
<BeckyB_27> <g>  No, I know you don't, but the thought of it is just so amusing-sounding
<wnnepooh> I just wondered where you got your observations for characters.
<Beckysbingbingbeta> I don't wanna be Blair's sister, I wanna be Blair's girlfriend <G>
<Beckysbingbingbeta> got that Becky?
<wnnepooh> don't we all, honey
<BeckyB_27> now, now, Robyn, no mary-sues
<teddbar06> Heh, heh, heh
<Beckysbingbingbeta> pouts...

<BeckyB_27> I do pull some of my observations from Robyn and my friendship -- we've known
each for 10 years now
<BeckyB_27> and lived together for 8 of those years

<teddbar06> I can just see you when she writes you into a story, even without the marysue...
<teddbar06> Oh, my.
<Beckysbingbingbeta> Eight LOOOOOONG years...
<DawnCapp> Wow! And you haven't wanted to kill one another yet? I'm impressed. *grin*
<teddbar06> And you haven't killed each other yet?
<BeckyB_27> 4 in a dorm room

<BeckyB_27> no, haven't killed each other
<BeckyB_27> why do we always get that question?
<teddbar06> Ewwww.

<wnnepooh> that's not to say they haven't thought about it.
<Beckysbingbingbeta> heh heh...
<BeckyB_27> maybe death by tickling...
<BeckyB_27> or too many laughter fits...
<Beckysbingbingbeta> HEY!
<wnnepooh> I'm still best friends with one of my college roomies.  But we don't live together.  I
WOULD kill her.
<SKnepley> hi all!

<teddbar06> It's asked because an awful lot of marriages don't last 8 years.
<inyx> Bonnie0455 wanted to let you know she's having problems
<DawnCapp> HI, SK

<SKnepley> omeone catch me up!

<DawnCapp> Robyn sings, Becky tickles, and Robyn doesn't talk too much. I think that sums it
up *grin* :::ducking::
<BeckyB_27> <g>
<SKnepley> oook so glad i asked =)
<wnnepooh> Beck, if you could have ONE of your stories made into an actual ep, what would it
<BeckyB_27> um....
<teddbar06> You'll get it all when Dawn posts the transcript.
<wnnepooh> I'm inquisitive, so sue me.
<BeckyB_27> I'd like to pick one of my missing scenes, but...
<BeckyB_27> I'd like to see "Hope and Fear" put in an episode
<BeckyB_27> I'd like to see "Hope and Fear" put in an episode
BeckyB_27> I consider it some of my best writing

<wnnepooh> why that one?
<Beckysbingbingbeta> I love that one
<wolfshy> Which one was the hardest to write
<SKnepley> Are you planning to continue In time and destiny?
<wnnepooh> OOH! Wolfshy, good question!
<BeckyB_27> uh...at this point, actually "Ripples" was the hardest -- took me a fair amount of
time to get said what I wanted said
<BeckyB_27> most of my stories just sorta come out really easily once I get started or get a
really good idea

<BeckyB_27> and the T&D series -- Yes, I'd like to continue it.  I have a few other ideas that I
think would work in that universe, but I just haven't sat down to do anything with them yet
<BeckyB_27> I am so glad I am a secretary and can type relatively fast!
<Sweill> Carol logged off and back on and STILL cant get in... she sends her regrets.
<BeckyB_27> Hard work keeping up with you guys.  <g>
<teddbar06> LLAL!  Me, too.
<bonnie0455> I'm back! Whee!
<DawnCapp> :-( Poor Carol
<wnnepooh> Do you just write when the feeling comes over you?  Or do you brainstorm every
once in a while specifically for fic?

<BeckyB_27> Tell Carol hi and that we missed her
<Sweill> Will do.
<BeckyB_27> Actually, I do both
<BeckyB_27> I write when the feeling comes over me and I brainstorm occasionally when I need
<SKnepley> What inspired the Traffic jam series.  That was just so fun to read!
<BeckyB_27> Usually I brainstorm on paper, though
<BeckyB_27> Robyn and I were stuck in a traffic jam and thought the first story up
<BeckyB_27> no tomato-laden trucks, however

<wnnepooh> art imitates life
<BeckyB_27> That was Robyn's little gem
<SKnepley> So, which one of you was making faces at the kid in car ahead of you?
<bonnie0455> Do you base a lot of your stories on real life like TAE does?
<BeckyB_27> actually, neither of us
<teddbar06> Do you find that a lot of your stories come from real-life experiences?

<bonnie0455> lol TAE!
<BeckyB_27> I think the making faces thing was just something Robyn thought up -- I think.
<teddbar06> )

<BeckyB_27> real life?  sometimes, yes.  like the traffic jam series
<BeckyB_27> and the Disneyland story

<Beckysbingbingbeta> Do you think visiting Vancouver and the set helped with your writing?
<bonnie0455> how long does it take to you to write one short story?
<Sweill> gotta go... sorry to split.  Have a great night.
<BeckyB_27> well, sort of -- my life is pretty tame, so most of the stuff write is sheerly from my

<SKnepley> Another favorite is th one where Jim has to find Blair in a mall.  How long did that
take to write?
<wolfshy> What do you have plan in the future?

<BeckyB_27> actually, visiting Vancouver didn't change anything in how I write
<BeckyB_27> writing a short story just depends on what the idea was and how inspired I feel
<BeckyB_27> "Daybreak" got written in an hour
<bonnie0455> wow!
<BeckyB_27> "Ripples" took me 4 days
<wnnepooh> what took the longest?
<BeckyB_27> the mall story took .... a week I think?
<BeckyB_27> the longest?
<BeckyB_27> of my TS stories -- probably the OWW crossover
<wnnepooh> scared me there. I thought you were saying the mall story was th longest.  don't do
that again.
<wnnepooh> OWW MY FAVE!!!!
<BeckyB_27> I write in the evenings and on the weekends
<SKnepley> I never saw OWW Do you need to see the show to understand the story?
<BeckyB_27> My job is only 8-5 and I don't bring anything home ever
<wnnepooh> I wish I were so lucky.

<BeckyB_27> no, you don't need to see the show to understand the story.  At least I don't think
you do.  I think I explained everything within the story that you need to know
<SKnepley> oh good!
<bonnie0455> do you ever work on these stories in your head while you're at work?
<BeckyB_27> and, yes, I do plan on writing a sequel...
<SKnepley> I'll have to get that one, then.
<BeckyB_27> Occasionally when things are slow at work I'll work on a story in my head
<bonnie0455> lol
<teddbar06> Although, I think everyone should at least see the Manpower ep of OWW.
<BeckyB_27> Campus -- Loma Linda University -- where Robyn graduated from
<SKnepley> Hey, explain it to 'em.  get someone else hooked on the show!
<teddbar06> Heh, heh, heh
<inyx> Yes - the Manpower ep!!!!

<bonnie0455> Oh...that one..
<teddbar06> Yum
<wnnepooh> and what wonderful pix they are!!!
<bonnie0455> Any body have all the OWW on tape?
<SKnepley> :::wiping drool off wnnepooh:::
<wnnepooh> ME.
<teddbar06> Yes.
<bonnie0455> can I get copies?
<teddbar06> SP, too.
<inyx> uh wnnepooh....
<teddbar06> Probably.
<wnnepooh> yeah

<teddbar06> Too bad Lifetime stopped showing it.
<wnnepooh> I'm not in a catatonic state yet, but I will be if we keep talking about that ep!

<Beckysbingbingbeta> Becky--spoilers for your OWW sequel??? <G>
<teddbar06> YES, PLEASE!!!
<wnnepooh> Please?
<bonnie0455> baba wawa?
<BeckyB_27> I'm not saying a thing.  <g>
<bonnie0455> come on becky! give!
<Beckysbingbingbeta> Aw maaaaaan...
<wnnepooh> babs  comes on at midnight on Lifetime where OWW used to be.
<teddbar06> I'll send you some cybertruffles.

<wolfshy> Becky Please
<BeckyB_27> I don't really have it planned out yet -- except that Mack and Holli will come to
Cascade and chaos will probably ensue
<bonnie0455> oh cool!
<teddbar06> That's good.
<wnnepooh> When doesn't it ensue with Mack?
<BeckyB_27> and it will be after Megan has arrived in Cascade as well

<wolfshy> will there be owies
<teddbar06> Oh, yeah!

<bonnie0455> Have you read Mackie's OWW/TS crossover?
<BeckyB_27> Like I said, I don't really have anything planned out
<teddbar06> Megan and Mack?
<teddbar06> Not recently.

<BeckyB_27> I've read pretty much everything there is to read
<wnnepooh> NO MEgan/Mack! Mack/Holli!
<SKnepley> man I need to see this show!
<teddbar06> I mean Megan mistaking Mack for Jim.
<wnnepooh> THAT could be fun!
<teddbar06> Becky, are we helping you brainstorm?

<BeckyB_27> the one thing I'm gonna try to avoid is the switching ploy between Jim and Mack -- I
think it's a little overused...
<BeckyB_27> of course.  <g>
<teddbar06> But understandable, as well as obvious.
<wnnepooh> I don't think SK understands how that would happen.
<BeckyB_27> The Beta (who has vanished again!) and I have been plotting out a few scenes
here and there
<BeckyB_27> She's anxious to see me write this.
<SKnepley> Is blair going to be a cop in your universe, or is TSbBS never going to exist?
<teddbar06> So are we.
<BeckyB_27> ah, yes, the eternal question

<BeckyB_27> i cannot see Blair as a cop

<DawnCapp> YES!!! Thank you, Becky!!! Whoop! :-)

<wnnepooh> WHAT?
<BeckyB_27> However, I don't want to avoid dealing with TSbyBS -- so I'll probably work my way
around it somehow
<SKnepley> I know Rb was in OW that's it.
<wnnepooh> Beck?  What do you see Blair doing?
<BeckyB_27> I haven't really decided yet.
<BeckyB_27> I don't even know at this point when or if I'll get around to writing post-TSbyBS
<teddbar06> Hey, three years is a big timeframe to write in.
<BeckyB_27> I don't want to get bogged down in a lot of technical cop stuff, but I don't want to
ignore it either
<BeckyB_27> so I'm still pondering the question in my head
<wnnepooh> Okay, where are you in the series, then?
<teddbar06> It tends to be missing, even in the eps.
<teddbar06> Cop stuff, that is.
<SKnepley> Is there any order to read in your universe?  I kinda skip around.
<wnnepooh> thanks for the clarification.
<bonnie0455> does anybody know if Jim ever mentioned going to the academy? Would he have
if he had been in the military?
<CarolROI> anyone here
<BeckyB_27> with the current story I'm working on, it's after S2 but before TSbyBS
<SKnepley> anyone who wants to be a cop has to go through the acedemy I think.
<wnnepooh> then you have a gap in which to work.
<teddbar06> Yes, he'd have still to have gone to the academy, although he could have skipped
some time in grade.
<BeckyB_27> no, no order really in my universe
<BeckyB_27> if there is, I typically mention it in the notes
<teddbar06> That's heplful.
<wnnepooh> Beck?  What do you think is the ONE thing Blair needs to say to Jim?
<BeckyB_27> the one thing...um...

<SKnepley> and will he say it in one of your stories
<wolfshy> If  you could write a story with one of the other guys which one would it be?
<teddbar06> Oooh, good question, and the converse, as well, what's the one thing say to Blair.
<BeckyB_27> probably ask him straight out "Do you still need me to work with you?"

<BeckyB_27> and Jim...um...I think he needs to express a little more just how important Blair is
to him.  I mean the little thing in TSbyBS was wonderful, but sometimes...sometimes I want a little
<bonnie0455> and what would Jim's answer be?
<teddbar06> Don't we all?

<BeckyB_27> I would hope Jim's answer would be a definite "yes!"  but one that was thought
out.  None of this instant reaction.  I want a careful answer.
<wnnepooh> Jim careful?
<teddbar06> Ooh, sounds like a nice, angsty scene.

<BeckyB_27> Writing a story with one of the other guys...I assume you mean not Jim or Blair,
<SKnepley> Wnnepooh--becky answered that Blair should ask straight out if Jim still needed

<wolfshy> Yes
<wnnepooh> thanks SK
<BeckyB_27> I really like Simon.
<bonnie0455> How come there aren't more Simon stories out there?
<wolfshy> why
<teddbar06> Because he's still considered a minor character.

<BeckyB_27> um...I'm not seeing my comments come up now...bad sign I'm assuming
<DawnCapp> I see them coming up
<bonnie0455> how about more written ffon Simon or the other guys?

<DawnCapp> no, we don't see you  Becky *grin*
<wnnepooh> yes
<wolfshy> yes
<teddbar06> Dawn!
<teddbar06> Don't scare her off!
<DawnCapp> LOL
<wnnepooh> tonight the part of DawnC will be played by Spreitle!
<BeckyB_27> <g>
<BeckyB_27> anyway, as I was saying, I really like Simon and have great fun writing him
<Beckysbingbingbeta> I think Becky writes Simon *really* well :-)
<teddbar06> Me, too.
<wnnepooh> Beck, how do you keep your dialogue  in character?  Do you hear their voices or
<BeckyB_27> I like putting him and Blair together in a room and stepping back to see what will
<teddbar06> So, is there a nice Simon story in the near future?

<SKnepley> How much of Simon not wanting to know about the sentinel stuff is canon?

<BeckyB_27> I'm hoping there will be some more good Simon stuff in the future.  I think he's
feeling negelected

<teddbar06> LOL
<BeckyB_27> I actually don't really hear their voices speaking to me and I don't see images
<BeckyB_27> Usually it's just a feel.
<BeckyB_27> It's hard to explain.

<bonnie0455> you don't?  Man, I certainly hear them but I don't usually see images
<teddbar06> I don't hear them speaking to me, but I can hear their voices when I read the
<BeckyB_27> some people have told me that have like an entire movie in their head
<SKnepley> So what comes first, the dialogue or the scene?
<BeckyB_27> with me I sometimes get isolated freeze frame images, but that's about it
<wnnepooh> that would be me.
<teddbar06> Oops, that would be me.
<wolfshy> Thats me.

<BeckyB_27> depends.  Most times I have one particular image I want to portray and so I write
an entire story just to get to that one moment in time.
<teddbar06> Oh, dear.  three ambidexterous writers?
<teddbar06> Oh, yeah.
<BeckyB_27> sometimes I have a line of dialogue I really want to use, so I create a story around
<wnnepooh> yeah, I've done that.

<Beckysbingbingbeta> what's an example of that, Becky?
<wnnepooh> I find one particular scene in my head and I write a story around it.
<BeckyB_27> the dialogue one?
<Beckysbingbingbeta> yes
<BeckyB_27> uh....gimme a moment....
<Beckysbingbingbeta> or the image one
<teddbar06> Or both

<BeckyB_27> the image one usually works well for my short smarm pieces.  They're usually
built up around one moment.
<SKnepley72913> anywoo, what comes first, the dialogue or the scene?
<BeckyB_27> you must have missed my answer, Shelley.  <g>
<BeckyB_27> usually the scene

<BeckyB_27> one I can think of for the dialogue one would be "Need" -- Jim asking if he could
have a hug
<wolfshy> What kind of story do you like to write best?

<BeckyB_27> missing scenes tend to be my favorite, tho I enjoy writing all kinds of stories
<teddbar06> Good ones!

<Beckysbingbingbeta> What are your feelings on feedback?
<teddbar06> Mean, Robyn.
<BeckyB_27> my feelings on feedback...
<Beckysbingbingbeta> Is that mean? :-(
<BeckyB_27> I think it's important.  I like feedback.  And I try to give it as much as I can to other
<SKnepley72913> This for the woman who wrote a treatise on feedback =)
<BeckyB_27> <<Becky hugs Robyn>>
<Beckysbingbingbeta> <<Robyn hugs Becky>>
<teddbar06> How do you treat flames, if you've ever gotten any?

<BeckyB_27> I especially like to give feedback to new authors -- it always makes me feel a littel
warm inside when they write back so thrilled to see a "well-known" author writing them.
<wnnepooh> that's beautiful, ladies.

<teddbar06> I only meant 'mean' in the sense that you're making her work.
<BeckyB_27> And for the feedback I receive I always write back to the person who writes me to
thank them.
<BeckyB_27> flames...
<SKnepley72913> Most folks seem real dogonne nice
<teddbar06> I've received a few, from slash writers.
<BeckyB_27> If I did...most likely I would either ignore it depending how vicious it is
<bonnie0455> yes - I've been flamed royally on a couple of lists....

<BeckyB_27> or I would try to respond politely.  I don't believe in flaming.  Not even for flaming
back the original flamer.
<teddbar06> Agreed.

<wnnepooh> Bek, I actually said that if it werent' for your encouragement, I probably wouldn't
have posted my first story.  It was your response to one of my LoC's that encouraged me.
<wolfshy> Good for you, Becky
<BeckyB_27> I have received one flame directed at me for an issue I had no control.  It promptly
went into the trash bin

<teddbar06> Good reaction.
<BeckyB_27> I do try to be encouraging to authors.  I remember being a new author.  People
were so nice to me.  I didn't send "thank-yous" to those people and have always felt bad about it
<DawnCapp> Okay, it is 6pm - so the "official" chat is over but anyone who wants to/is able to is
welcome to stay and chat :-)
<graywulf> bonnie0445 says goodnight - she's been frozen out again

<wnnepooh> In general, I think the more prominent authors are very encouraging.  Becky, you
set a good example.
<BeckyB_27> well, hey, I was just getting started!  <G>
<Beckysbingbingbeta> YAY for Becky!
<BeckyB_27> I think a lot of them are, yes.
<BeckyB_27> <<blush>>
<wolfshy> Thanks Becky

<Beckysbingbingbeta> So, what's the strangest rumor you've ever heard about yourself?
<BeckyB_27> you're much welcome
<teddbar06> Good job, Becky
<BeckyB_27> oh, I can stay?  <g>

<SKnepley72913> YES!

<DawnCapp> If you're good. LOL!!! :-)

<BeckyB_27> strangest rumor?  Have I heard a strange rumor?  Have *you* heard a rumor and
you haven't told me???
<Beckysbingbingbeta> Oops.

<wnnepooh> Well, gang, it's 9 PM here on the East coast, and I have to take care of my 8 year
old's story.  G'night Bek and Robyn.  Thanks for the talk.
<wolfshy> LOL
<SKnepley72913> never ask that, You may not like the answer =)
<BeckyB_27> nite Winnie
<Beckysbingbingbeta> Bye Winnie!

<Beckysbingbingbeta> I was just trying to imitate that question for RB and GM on Yahoo...
<BeckyB_27> strangest rumor...well, my dad tried to start a rumor that I used a spittoon...
<SKnepley72913> or was it a trash can <g>
<Beckysbingbingbeta> you're gonna start me LOL <G>
<teddbar06> For what purpose?
<BeckyB_27> but then he only told that to Robyn... I mean, we have a spitton but we use it for a 'cuss bucket'
<BeckyB_27> chewing tobacoo probably
<teddbar06> Eww.
<BeckyB_27> my dad gets a little...odd sometimes.  He likes to tease.  Probably where i get it
<SKnepley72913> cuss bucket?

<Beckysbingbingbeta> LOL!!!
<BeckyB_27> don't worry -- the only thing I "chew" is Trident gum

<Beckysbingbingbeta> oh man, we shoulda used that name in the Spittoon story, Becky

<wnnepooh> just now getting off.  G'night everyone.  The 8-yr old says g'night too.
<BeckyB_27> and there is definitely no spittoon in the apartment -- if there was, well...

<SKnepley72913> Waht's a cuss bucket?
<BeckyB_27> we called that thing every other name we could think of in that story
<teddbar06> It's a place to put money in when someone swears.

<Beckysbingbingbeta> Becky, if you got a book deal for your Prophecy series, would you take it?
<teddbar06> There's a charge for every cuss word the F word get a dollar.

<SKnepley72913> What do dyou do with the money?
<BeckyB_27> a book deal....I don't know

<Beckysbingbingbeta> It goes to the We Buy the Sentinel fund <G>

<teddbar06> How about a movie or tv deal

<teddbar06> LLAL
<BeckyB_27> That could be interesting....
<teddbar06> It's much better than hercules or xena
<BeckyB_27> 'Course then Robyn would insist on hiring the actors we have assigned to the
<BeckyB_27> <<blush>>
<wolfshy> I would watch it.
<teddbar06> Similar time frame.

<SKnepley72913> Robyn, do you know something becky doesn't?
<teddbar06> problem?

<Beckysbingbingbeta> <giggle> I keep telling Pet Fly she's still thinking...
<BeckyB_27> Robyn likes to hypothesize that my Prophecy stuff will one day be published

<SKnepley72913> Just don't give it to Sid!
<teddbar06> I'd prefer filmed, myself.
<Beckysbingbingbeta> That's because I think it could be <g>
<wolfshy> It great why not?

<BeckyB_27> no, no problem.  I just embarrass easily.  I still don't that series is that good.
<teddbar06> With RB as Jayden, and GM

<BeckyB_27> still dont' *think*...geez, Becky of the Missing Words strikes again
<Beckysbingbingbeta> They could do the river scene from Legacies!  <thunk>
<teddbar06> I'm sure that's true of most good authors.
<teddbar06> Heh, heh, heh.

<Beckysbingbingbeta> Becky, if you could see any of your TP scenes acted out, which one would
it be?
<BeckyB_27> what scenes...we're talking the whole thing or just the Jydan & Blaen stuff?
<teddbar06> Any and all

<Beckysbingbingbeta> <G> Jydan and Blaen -- start with them

<BeckyB_27> Jydan and Blaen -- probably one of my favorite scenes of them, one that I thought
of first, is one from "Silver Cords" where Jydan rescues Blaen and they ride off on Jydan's horse
<teddbar06> Ooh, yeah.

<SKnepley58659> Dawn do you know who's on next week?
<BeckyB_27> as for the rest...oh, man...um....
<DawnCapp> I was asking if people think three weeks in a row is too much for these chats
<BeckyB_27> maybe pieces of "Legend" when Kell gets her horse and sword
<SKnepley58659> and what did we decide?
<DawnCapp> b/c I have two stories to be released this week and I thought it would be a good
time to do a chat, since two other authors I asked can't do it next week
<DawnCapp> haven't decided yet SK - what's your vote

<SKnepley58659> Would one of them be The other Side =)
<SKnepley58659> I can be here next week.
<DawnCapp> Yes *grin*
<DawnCapp> I hope
<wolfshy> I free every Sunday.
<SKnepley58659> YES!!!

<SKnepley58659> What do ya mean you hope?  Don't Do that to me.
<Beckysbingbingbeta> We should ask these good people who they think would be a good actor
to play Rik, the mean smelly man who beats up Blaen
<BeckyB_27> mean smelly man?  LOL
<Beckysbingbingbeta> He *does* smell!
<BeckyB_27> I don't recall saying he smelled, but if you say so...

<Beckysbingbingbeta> The guy runs around stealing slaves -- how much time does he have for
a bath?
<BeckyB_27> stealing people and turning them into slaves, you mean
<DawnCapp> I will be right back. Fitz is doing a number with the "puppy dog eyes" which means
it's past his dinner time
<Beckysbingbingbeta> yeah

<BeckyB_27> (yes, we do bicker well, don't we?)

<Beckysbingbingbeta> When is Ryana going to get her Karaoke bar? HMM?
<BeckyB_27> no electricity, no karaoke bar
<wolfshy> So do Blair and Jim so It's all about Friendship
<Beckysbingbingbeta> You're sweet, wolfshy <G>
<BeckyB_27> now you know why I can have Jim and Blair bicker so well.  <g>  I get lots of
first-hand knowledge.

<wolfshy> Thanks Robyn
<Beckysbingbingbeta> oh yes.  We could probably bicker Jim and Blair into the ground!

<SKnepley58659> How much of your stories comes form your relationship with each other?
<BeckyB_27> probably half
<Beckysbingbingbeta> whines... it could be a medeival karaoke bar!

<BeckyB_27> well, probably all of the Everyday Life stories have a lot of basis in what I know of
friendship -- most of which comes from Robyn

<Beckysbingbingbeta> sniffles and pulls out a hankie...
<SKnepley58659> Who's Jim and who's Blair?

<BeckyB_27> I moved around a lot growing up, so I never really got a lot of really close friends.
Robyn's more or less the first one I've truly had
<Beckysbingbingbeta> <bounce-bounce>

<BeckyB_27> I'm more Jim.  And Robyn's more Blair, just not as quite as bouncy as she would
try to have you believe.

<Beckysbingbingbeta> <giggle>
<BeckyB_27> Well, unless you give her sugar...and then WATCH OUT!
<wolfshy> You are lucky Becky. i don't have one yet. Except you guys.
<SKnepley58659> You too? I was an Air Force brat. Moved every two years like clockwork.
<Beckysbingbingbeta> heh.  heh.  Sugar.  Heh heh!!!!

<BeckyB_27> I still have those cake pieces in the frig just waiting for you.
<SKnepley58659> I married mine!
<Beckysbingbingbeta> Becky, I've eaten half a strawberry pie this vacation -- sigh
<DawnCapp> Tsk, Tsk, Robyn do you do the caffeine-sugar thing *grin* (not that I would have
any experience with that. Nope. Not me) LOL
<Beckysbingbingbeta> Still??? They're probably all hard and dry
<BeckyB_27> gonna have to put you back on that bread and water diet, I see.

<BeckyB_27> um, maybe.  Haven't really checked.
<Beckysbingbingbeta> I don't drink caffeine :-)
<Beckysbingbingbeta> I would make a hole in the ceiling if I did
<DawnCapp> Good for you :-)
<BeckyB_27> Robyn on caffeine would be a truly scary thing

<Beckysbingbingbeta> I'd be worse than Frank from Night Shift
<DawnCapp> LOL

<wolfshy> She not that bad. Is she?

<teddbar06> I just go to sleep with too much caffeine
<BeckyB_27> not normally no, but she doesn't have any tolerance for sugar or caffeine
<teddbar06> Like some folks don't have a tolerance for alcohol?
<BeckyB_27> more or less, yeah

<SKnepley64158> argg! I got kicked off! What did I miss?
<DawnCapp> GM and RB stopped in to say hello, SK
<BeckyB_27> not much -- been discussing Robyn on sugar and caffeine
<Beckysbingbingbeta> There's two of you, SK
<teddbar06> A lot of sugar/caffein talk
<DawnCapp> Did you miss that? *evil grin*

<teddbar06> o mioto mention BAY
<SKnepley64158> good lord, half the people listed as still here are me!  Whatdid I do?
<wolfshy> Dawn. LOL

<Beckysbingbingbeta> LOL!
<SKnepley64158> And I missed it <whine>
<teddbar06> Don't know.  What did you do?

<Beckysbingbingbeta> Becky, what would you do if the doorbell rang and Jim and Blair were
standing there?

<BeckyB_27> drag them in and party
<teddbar06> Well, when is the next chat?
<BeckyB_27> and think about calling you after it's all over
<Beckysbingbingbeta> You wouldn't call me?????
<BeckyB_27> <g>
<DawnCapp> (Jim and Blair - she'd probably ask you to prescribe an anti-hallucinogen since
J/B aren't real) *grin*
<BeckyB_27> ask a leading question....
<DawnCapp> *ducking*
<Beckysbingbingbeta> LOL Dawn!

<teddbar06> Objection, your honor, the lawyer-in-training is leading the...chat.
<DawnCapp> overruled
<wolfshy> They are not real. Oh man.

<wolfshy> They are not real. Oh man.
<teddbar06> You can't overrule.
<Beckysbingbingbeta> Sustained!
<DawnCapp> LOL. Says who?
<teddbar06> Heh, heh, heh<SKnepley64158> seconded=)
<BeckyB_27> They're real enough in my head to write about -- that's all that matters to me.

<teddbar06> Of course they're real.
<wolfshy> I dream about them, They got to be real.
<teddbar06> Lucky you.
<SKnepley64158> I'm not the only one.  I'm not crazy after all!
<BeckyB_27> I'm never dreamed about them, oddly enough.  I think Robyn has, tho...

<teddbar06> I'd just like to dream

<Beckysbingbingbeta> -D
<BeckyB_27> I don't sleep long enough to dream anymore...~sigh~
<DawnCapp> You dream, TAE *grin* You may not remember them, but you dream... :-)

<SKnepley64158> Don't you have to dram or go crazy?
<SKnepley64158> Wait that explains soo much ::duck:::
<Beckysbingbingbeta> My little bro' wants to play Jeopardy -- I gotta go...
<teddbar06> Not really.  I have nightmares, but when I should be dreaming, I wake up and plot
<BeckyB_27> bye Robyn!
<SKnepley64158> bye!

<teddbar06> I know.  Not dreamiong means that I'm psychotic

<teddbar06> Heh, heh, heh
<SKnepley64158> =)
<DawnCapp> And I invited you over to my house... I can't believe it, TAE! *grin*

<teddbar06> Psychotic, not sociopathic.
<DawnCapp> Didn't you read the disclaimer: No ax-murderers allowed? LOL
<teddbar06> Not particularly dangerous.
<SKnepley64158> there's a difference<G>

<teddbar06> Considering how phobic I am about dead things, you don't have to worry.
<wolfshy> You too.
<DawnCapp> Whew!

<teddbar06> Besides, I have nightmares, which is why I avoid modern horror flicks and the
evening news.

<BeckyB_27> she came back
<graywulf> Another person who avoids the news!
<SKnepley64158> I tell my Dh I don't need horror movies, I can come up with enough on my own

<Beckysbingbingbeta> Argh that's like the 4th time I got kicked out
<teddbar06> Yep.
<Beckysbingbingbeta> What did I miss?

<BeckyB_27> I thought bro wanted to play jeopardy?

<Beckysbingbingbeta> yeah, so I gotta go <g>
<teddbar06> I tend to read myself to sleep and listen to CDs
<SKnepley64158> it was a quick game
<Beckysbingbingbeta> waves goodbye

<Beckysbingbingbeta> <applause for Becky for a great chat!>
<SKnepley64158> bye
<wolfshy> bye again

<teddbar06> Beat your brother soundly at Jeopardy!
<BeckyB_27> write me about the story!

<Beckysbingbingbeta> Last time we got a Star Trek category and the questions were *so* easy!
<teddbar06> Who, what?
<Beckysbingbingbeta> your story or mine?

<BeckyB_27> my story!
<Beckysbingbingbeta> okay <G>
<BeckyB_27> ideas, woman, I need ideas!
<Beckysbingbingbeta> bye
<teddbar06> Post it!
<BeckyB_27> bye
<Beckysbingbingbeta> okay, I'm thinking, thinking....
<Beckysbingbingbeta> <G>

.... and it went on for more, but you shoulda been there! *grin*