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I have action stories and thrillers with great characterizations. Want to know more? Just ask away! Contact me directly at either michael.m1@shaw.ca or (780)743-5012.

***I have completed a civil war drama on assignment. Owner of the script is now actively seeking an interested producer! Hang in there for more details coming soon!

Here's a list of scripts I have available for option or purchase.

1) back-burner: 'Eddie Burroughs has 48 hours to find Abe Lewesky's little girl. There's no alternative. Lewesky holds Eddie's own daughter Rylie hostage. He only gives her 48 hours to live ...plenty of time for Eddie to solve a case he knows nothing about ...'

2) GREENER PASTURES (co-written with Brian Henstridge) -- Lou Harding's got everything to live for. A wife. A kid. A chance at a decent future. All he has to do is pay off his gambling debts. Lou hasn't got that kind of money, but there is an out. Rob a bank from inside a prison.

3) SILENT STORM (co-written with Brian Henstridge) -- In order to fit back into society, a Vet realizes he's going to have to ditch more than his share of a few mental demons. This includes the fantasy that he is truly the father of his wife's new baby.

4)THY NEIGHBOR'S WIFE -- Suspense -- Thriller -- Men don't usually stalk married women ...but there's always a first time. Beth Landry can't convince anyone she's being stalked. Even her own husband. Until she takes matters into her own hands. Then, Beth is not only stalked but hunted. (Placed in the top 10% of all scripts entered in the 2001 Nicholl competition!!)

5) All Wrong (Suspense-Thriller) -- A prominent business executive is suddenly suspect in the assault and brutal slaying of a young prostitute. Her avenging father intends to get even. ****This screenplay was a quarterfinalist in a Bad Kitty Films screenplay competition! Also, a quarterfinalist in a previous Empire Screenplay contest and the BDR contest!

6) Loose Ends -- (drama-comedy/character story) Every person has a story. Loose Ends is more than a story. It's an anthology of whims, broken promises, desires unfulfilled and peeks into ordinary peoples' lives. They have much in common these folks, and yet, are so different. Enter the world of an apartment building and the people residing within. They all have a tale to tell. Ups-and-downs and unblemished dreams. Nobody has to know you're visiting their world. Nobody has to know how well you identify with the tenants in Loose Ends.

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Heard the latest? Here it is! I won the first annual Prelude2Cinema Contest with my horror script -- Against Their Will.

I also won the the short script contest with Moviebible.com with my entry 'No Stranger.' It's about the return of Noah's Ark in modern times -- chilling, or what?

I also won the sci-fi award for my entry titled 'First Born,' in the annual Shriekfest.com screenplay competition! This year, I am a fianlist with my horror script 'Against Their Will!



BABY'S GONE: Marilyn's frantic over the abduction of her daughter, Jennifer. A detective Osgoode, involved in the case, begins to doubt whether Marilyn or her ex-husband, Harvey, ever had a kid. He's thinking of pressing charges against her of lodging a false complaint. Marilyn and Osgoode butt heads more than once. It looks like Marilyn's on the losing end. Until a special call comes from the precinct ....

Baby's Gone is a drama that will have you believing Marilyn made the whole thing up, that she never had a baby. Lieutenant Osgoode is on top of every aspect of the investigation. He's the kind of character you spit out after the first bite, but pick up again with a smile by the end of the story. Marilyn's likeable in her own way. It doesn't take long to realize that two is always better than one! (25 PAGES) PLSE NOTE: Baby's Gone is currently under option!

THE CUSTODIAN: Paul Higney has trouble starting his novel. Going out into the hallway, he begins listening at peoples' doors and jotting stuff down in his little notebook. He uses the gist of their conversations in his book to help create characters and mold them to his liking. Because of Paul's meddling, the people in the rooming house begin to change. For the better, it would seem, but not for all.(18 pages)

THE FIX: Some people will do anything for a cigarette especially in a world where cigarette smoking is banned. Lenny Fitz can't break the habit. In fact he'll kill for it. The mob uses him again and again! (6 pages)

THE FLOWER & THE ONION: Because his classmates regard him as a creep, Raphael makes a deal with the devil to go back in time and become King. Any King. It's the kind of mistake that costs him more than a damaged ego. (6 pages)

HOUSE: Think of a futuristic setting where you are watched on camera all the time. By your own house! Government authorized. Martin Hamel lives in such a house. During a power outage, he kills his wife. To his surprise, House has a record of the murder. Martin plots a way to destroy the computer banks in the basement. House has plans too. It may or may not be beneficial to both parties. (12 pages)

IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU: Someone sneaks into Samantha's bedroom at night, holds a knife to her throat and has his will with her. Later, Samantha searches the neighborhoods and tenements, spends many nights searching for the stalker who raped her. She finally finds him, sees him climbing into a room that's his own. Samantha crawls in with a knife in her hand. She holds it to his throat and smiles just before she kills him. (10 Pages)

Jailtime: Miriam is put in a cell with another woman named Tonya. She is forced into lesbian sex. When she is done she is a true believer. Then another woman, Brenda, is introduced into the cell. Miriam and Tonya begin working on her. (7 pages)

Lunch Time Exhibition (Humdrum): A cafeteria is filled with boring people. Adena starts to strip off her clothes. Before you know it, her antics become contagious. Everyone in the cafeteria starts stripping down. Later, when the cops arrive with the paddy wagon, Adena and a friend get dressed and leave. The cops arrest everyone but them. Even some of the cops get caught up in the act and start stripping. When the paddy wagon leaves, some of the bystanders automatically start stripping off their clothes. (5 pages)

Manuscript: Jesse's Uncle Seth was a literary giant in his time. He died bitter and almost penniless. He left his house and property to Jesse. Little does she know that she inherits one of Seth's unpublished manuscripts. One that keeps changing story lines everytime a new publisher takes a look at it. Seth's unpublished novel could be a curse or a blessing. Jesse has to find out soon or die a pauper's death. (17 pages)

Overload: Carlos has called a space station on IO, Jupiter's moon, home for five years. Alone. In fact, a committee from earth is on its way to congratulate him. Carlos has definitely shown them that man can survive alone in space. When the committee arrives, though, Carlos has a surprise for them that is awfully deadly. (12 pages)

THE PAINTING: Some people have it all and don't realize how lucky they were until it's all gone. Carl Brewer died an unhappy man. In the end, he lived to make women's lives more miserable. Carl's back. He intends to take up where he left off. (22 pages)

Pick One! (a.k.a. Easy Pickins') This is a story about a mannequin coming to life in a store window and getting her jollies from those who pass by her on the street. (9 pages)

Rarely A Moment's Peace: Logline: Herbert Simms is constantly henpecked by his wife, Martha. Finally, he's had enough. He tells Martha he deserves his rest. Little does she know that the rest he talks about has ghastly overtones. (4 pages)

ROOM TWO-SEVEN: Doctor Reg isn't a congenial fellow. In fact, he's darn mean at times. Reg likes to tease the patient in Room Two-Seven. Say rude things. It's no wonder he gets away with it. She's in a coma. Reg begins to get weird phone calls. From a woman trapped in a room with no door or windows. Reg doesn't believe her and treats the distraught woman as if she's a crank caller. The police tap the line and Reg discovers the phone call is coming from the hospital. His hospital! Room 4-0-2-7!

Reg rushes to the hospital and checks out room 4-0-2-7. Suddenly, there is no door ...no window ...(16 pages)

SOUP DU JOUR: Emile, a homeless person, falls hopelessly in love with Ingrid, a woman with class. He does everything he can to prevent her from knowing his position in life but she finds out anyway. Emile thinks he'll lose her because he's without job and without home. Nobody could be more wrong. (23 pages)

To Each His Own: Julius Vordett worries about his daughter. She's college age and keeps trying to avoid a guy who wants to date her. She finally gets her way and the guy gives up trying. Julius finds out his name. It's Ted Bundy. He drives a Volkswagen and always has his arm in a sling. (7 pages)

MORE SHORTS TO COME ...GUARANTEED!!! Please keep checking back!!!

Some of my screenplays!

The Spec Script Library: my screenplay -- Persuasive Means
The Spec Script Library: my screenplay-- All Wrong
Prelude2cinema!: My winning screenplay -- Against Their Will --
The Spec Script Library: my thriller screenplay -- VOICES

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E-Books Online: A Cause For Justice -- a crime novel by Michael C. McPherson
Gate-Way Publishing: The Vigil -- a horror novel by Michael C. McPherson
Gate-Way Publishing: The Burn -- a horror novel by Michael C. McPherson

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