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My interests are varied and include art and writing and the fact that i am currently single as in divorced and not really the single type of person. I am reasonably comfortable with being alone and i love myself more than anybody else and truely enjoy my own company but just am not crazy about the single lifestyle. Haveing been family oriented and choosing that does not make the unchosen single life any more appealing than it ever was at the times that i chose family and marital lifestyle instead of partytime bedbouncing with strangers.

I am a beautiful woman of 49 years of age and don't bother to lie about my age or anything else. If i live to be 49 years old then i will have succeeded in continueing to be alive instead of not being here anymore. Actually i don't have any problem with getting older, i enjoy life and all its various stages of growth and progress.

I have thought about what i will look like as a little old lady with skin/looks beauty of cultural media hype preferences behind me and think that i will have no problem fitting into that stage of life with comfort and enjoyment.

Miki is one of those names that don't necessarily indicate gender or country or language. So I state right up front that i am female and straight with no leanings other than straight and that if you have a problem with my name or me then you can get lost and get off of my case. Life is too short to look for problems or even try to negotiate over them without a personal motivation that is real important within the context of priorities.

I have other sites online that deal with some unusual things going on currently that i wanted some help in solving and understanding and have been requesting information about. On this site i will post some gifs that are like family album pictures that i don't have room to store and don't trust to just having on floppies. I will post some stories that i have written and i will post some information that interests me from other sources.

While being a Christian with strong faith in God i am interested in some information that is catagorized as alternative thinking or east meets west wisdom or dredging up old mysteries from past cultures and all that sort of thing. I don't care what they call it. Most of what they seem to prefer calling it is very misleading anyway. What i am interested in in those catagories is what i would consider to be taking philosophy and psychology to a further degree of inward journeying into the human mind along with all the capabilities inherent in human mental ability that are controversial with many people because of their various belief systems. Yes i am cutting into the edges of what some people would shake in their boots while whispering psychic phenomena type things. However! It is my experience that much of what is currently going on in some of those catagories is being immitated electronically, and it is important to me to try to separate what is electronic and what is human mental capabilities combined with the spirit that powers us in these earthly bodies we use as our houses and temples and vehicles of whatever we do in our lives.

So you are welcome to share in the fun if you keep a good attitude about it. Remember if you don't like something it makes sense to go find something you like. If you find some things i am sharing of interest to you then maybe you could share with me your own opinions and information that you have gathered through whatever means you gather information. It is getting more difficult to catagorize that recently with the computer getting more popular than the library and so many new ways to communicate and distribute information.

Here is an experiment with the motive of storing and sharing at the same time some of the gifs and jpgs that i have collected from online. There are other gifs below that are not collected from on-line and are personal, but i would like to share with you the gifs that i collected on-line and as far as i know they are not going to cause you problems if you copy and use them. I have been careful about that.

gifs in collection

There is a website at geocities that is full of information on electronics and it has a section that is called 'current conversations from the road' that is between waverers and wavies using subsonic audio. A little strange but real in its own nonvirtual way. It is not a mirror site though some of the files/pages below are there too.

The geocities website is at


Miki is American
my caucasian view of afro-americans
Pictures from CLOUDS - made with Laser Guns Happy Thanksgiving new page 11-27-97
Hemi-Sync from Monroe Institute new 12-24-97
Hypnosis new 12-24-97
Sombodies Hemi-Sync Experiment new 12-24-97
Primordial Sounds Theory

Carl Jung Quotes page up 1-7-98
Carl Jung Quotes -page 2-page up 1-7-98
How Jack's Crown got Broke new page 11-22-97


Section of Photographs

Me in Tennessee

Me and my oldest brother in North Carolina

Me with My husband #1 and #2

Neighbor and Me in 1957

5 Generations - Greatgrandmother Bertie, Grandmother Mildred, Mama Dot, Me with Son Greg sitting in my lap

Maybe you can see Greg better in similar picture

Grandmother Mildred

Now this is more like Greg

Battle getting ready to happen for 4th holiday fun - my oldest bro and my 2 sons

Adam growing up

Adam on 18th Birthday

My Father was Army too

What happens to daughters - they get given away in marriage

My first Acrylics

One of my school pictures

A school picture from High School


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