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Mim   The   Mad's   Role   Playing   Characters

Hello yall.

This page is dedicated to some of my internet role playing characters. Some of the characters aren't listed because several get made up on the fly. Many Characters don't have pictures. Surprisingly some characters are also female. I'm not a pervert I just role play any character that comes to mind. I Hope you enjoy them. *Smiles*

I'll start with some of my male characters.

Vykk Sal'Suno, The Sleepwalker: Vykk Sal'Suno is a 2000 year old Vampire. He has seen and done many things in his long life. He was witness to some of the miracles worked by Christ's Apostles. He is convinced that only Christ himself can cure him of the curse of Vampirism. Vykk lives his life hunting the evildoers of his race and awaiting Christ's second coming.

Loki Howls With laughter ~Nuwisha~: Loki is a young Nuwisha, or Werecoyote. The Nuwisha are the teachers and pranksters of the Were creatures. Loki Aspires to be one of the Umbral Dancers, the elite protectors of the Nuwisha. Unfortunatly Loki has alot to learn about the world before he can obtain that honor.

Lord Wizard Juliran Daernia: The Lord Wizard is a character from a fantasy world known as Krydar. he is the leader of the planet's Wizard conclave and the most powerful magic User in the realm. Few secrets are kept from Juliran. The Lord Wizard is also curious and the eternal learner. He Travels the many realms and dimensions of the multiverse to learn even more about tha way that magic works.

Shutaro Kisaragi, Ronin Samurai: Shutaro was a minor Samurai lord from the time of Japan's civil war. The village protected by his family was attacked on his sister Ayeka's wedding Day. The Shogunite warriors killed everyone in the village, including Shutaro and his sister. The two recovered soon after the battle to discover that they were immortal. Both have traveled the world every since.. waiting for the gathering and wondering what the 'Prize' really is.

This section will show a few of my female characters.

Ayeka Kisaragi, the Demon Slayer: Ayeka is Shutaro Kisaragi's younger sister. After she and her brother went their seperate ways after their deaths. Ayeka moved to America in the 1800's. She was a gunslinger in the old west until the day that she met the Garou (Were wolves). The garou took her in and showed her the tue ways of the world, and showed her the Garou's immortal enemies, the vampires. Ayeka Has hunted those fearesom predators of mankind ever since.

Cheralynn, The Demon Goddess: Cheralynn was once one of the more powerful demons of hell. Though Happenstance she feel out of favor with her lord. He banished her to the earth, with only a fraction of her power, her memories were erased and she lives as a Mortal Sorceress. She has no Knowledge of her past and has no clue of the power she holds. She has few friends, but She has actually taken the side of good. Much to the displeasure of her lord.

Lin Ran, Amazon Warrior: Lin Ran is one of the strongest warriors from her Amazon tribe. She wanders the world in search of warriors who can match her in combat, for she has sworn never to love a man unless he can defeat her in combat.

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