What are spells?

A spell is a focusing and redirection of energy by the caster(s) to bring about a result. the result may be instantly apparent or appear more gradually. Spells should not be used in isolation, you should also take positive steps to change your life - simply saying a few words and burning a candle is not enough! Some spells are worked into very complex rituals, others are very simple indeed.
Most beginners prefer to use other people's spells as they are 'tried and tested' and seem more likely to work. This isn't the case, it is entirely possible to write your own spells, and is sometimes better as you can tailor the spell to fit your need.

Love Spells

You need to be a little wary of some love spells, we feel it is wrong to cast any spell that interferes with another's free will. You should not cast spells to make someone like you -it is immoral and likely to backfire. Any such spell done with a particular person in mind may produce undesirable effects, and besides, you shouldnt use your power to make other people do things they don't want to.
Certain types of love spell however are not like this, it is perfectly acceptable to cast a spell asking to fall in love with someone, if the someone is not anyone specific. It is also not harming anyone if you cast a spell to make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex.

Binding Spells

These are spells which 'bind' a person from acting in a certain way towards another. They obviously interfere with this person's will, but are often the lesser of two evils if you need to prevent someone from causing harm. They are, however, not the only way to do this. You can cast a protection spell on yourself or your home and this will have a similar result without affecting another's will. Whether or not you choose to use bindings is totally up to you, but it is not generally seen as wrong.

Writing spells

We are not going to include any spells on this site, unless we get a lot of requests to do so. We feel it would be a waste of time as there are many books and web sites which have hundreds of spells copied out, so you can choose the ones right for you. If you can't find a spell to do what you want - write one! Choose appropriate herbs or candles or images, and write the words yourself. You must be very careful that your wording is unambiguous, and you are actually asking for what you really want. There are several common clauses you can put into your spells to ensure nothing goes wrong, such as 'if it is right', 'as long as it harms none' and 'if this is what is best for me'.

If you have any questions or need any help then just e-mail us.

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