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I am very sorry for this ghetto layout.  It will change soon, I promise.

Saturday, August 30, 2003

Ah...I threw a little tantrum and then saw that the ugly banner ads at the bottom disappeared.  No matter.  I was stupid and immature...and paid the price by spending an HOUR re-uploading the site I deleted.  Yes, I am dumb.

Everything should be back online...if it isn't then e-mail me and tell me.  Or you can sign the guestbook and let me know from there.

I was looking through the site as I uploaded it, and I understand that it needs a MAJOR overhaul.  The villains pages all need pictures of their own.   I have some, so all I need to do is add them to the pages and upload them.  I also need to redo the senshi profiles.  So that will have to come soon.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon is a Japanese anime that made it's television debut in 1992. There are five seasons in all (Sailormoon, Sailormoon R, Sailormoon S, Sailormoon SuperS, and SailorStars), and it ended on episode 200 in March of 1997. Sailormoon is the main character. She is the leader of ten other senshi, the Outer and Inner Senshi, as well as the Starlights. Read the ' interviews' to find out more information.