All the things everyone should know about Mooky.

Description: - Beige Fur covers most of his body except his ears, around his nose and around his eyes which is white. His actual nose is black and he has cute beedy little eyes. Mooky is about 1 foot high. He is always in a sitting position and has big feet.Oh yeah, he's a teddybear. =0)

Favorite things:

Food: Pizza, jellybeans and cookies. Don't turn your back on him when you have a cookie!=0)

Clothes: Usually Mooky is naked. Going for the natural look he explains. But, on special occasions like birthdays he wear a silk pink bowtie. He also wants his own trenchcoat someday, maybe Christmas? Anne recently made him a pair of red velvet shoes he likes to wear.

Music: Mooky likes "In the hall of the mountian king" By Grieg and he also likes "The sorcerers apprentice" from Fantasia. No one knows his other music preferences...

Mooky's Link List

~ Phollie Llama Farms: You have to go here!
~ Temple of Joxer: Music and all can be found here.
~ Rabe Gallon's Deathism Homepage
~ Legends of Arthur
~ Galadriel's Homepage:Nice Poems.

Hoilday: Christmas. It's like it's everyones Birthday! He especially likes the presents and Decorating the tree.

Halloween. It's better than any other Hoilday even Christmas when it comes to fun. Mooky loves to scare people with his creepy costumes. This year he's thinking of dressing as the Grim Reaper.

Favorite Activity: Waving his arms above his head and hugging me. He also likes scaring people by jumping out at them. Still I'd have to say he most enjoys sleeping and eating.

Other: Mooky loves anything to do with bears, Pooky jokes, Winnie the Pooh. But he thinks Winnie the Pooh is an insult to intelligent bears because he acts so dumb sometimes. But it is an act so it's okay as long as people remember that.

Mooky's quote:"hjdesllo wsoprffl;dscx llove mddes" Translation:"Hello world! Love me!"


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