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Welcome to my site! The first stop on your journey into Mil-Sim paintball. You may ask yourself "What is Mil-Sim Paintball?". Formerly known as "Alternative paintball", it has been enjoying a resurgence in recent years. Once upon a time, before the advent of jerseys, day-glo markers, and Sup-Air bunkers, this was how the sport was played. In a nutshell, this is paintball that emphasizes a "wargame" aspect of the sport. Typically, you will see Mil-Sim paintballers toting cannons, grenades,
driving tanks, and in general, having a blast playing "war". For more Milsim paintball pages, make sure you check out my links directory.

News and Recent Changes


06/04/06 - It's been a bit between updates! What's been going on lately? Well, I'm prepping for Oklahoma D-Day 2006! In order to make it there, I need to raise some cash. Anyone interested in an excellent condition Sniper II? See my sale on My Classifieds.

03/10/6 - Well, the move to Texas has been completed. I feel like I'm back in college as the wife and I are living a bedroom in a friends house. However, I'm back in the home state Boo-ya! FYI: I'm doing a major redesign of the site so you may notice pictures missing, and whole pages gone temporarily. Please bear with me until this is complete. Thanks!

02/09/06 - Ok, Ok, so it's been a little while between updates. Let's just say the holidays have been nuts. So here's some info. One: I'm selling some of my old equipment. Here's a link to the listing: Ponytail's Paintball sale at M.Carter Brown. Second, I've got some changes coming in my life. First, I'm growing my hair back out, so no more camo cloth ponytail, it's the real thing! Two, I'm moving back to Texas. Northwest Arkansas has been nice, but I've got family things to attend to back in the Lone Star state. Who knows, I might hook up the Texas A&M team again....

People have unwittingly stumbled across this page!
11/03/05 - Just an FYI, I'm also selling three 4oz tanks, see my Classfieds Page for info. (all sold, thanks!)
  10/30/05 - A few small updates. I've changed the button style. If you look on the left, you'll see the Cool Guns link is now "Small Arms", and Heavy Weapons is now "Exotics". The new style is also evident for the first three buttons. Click on Small Arms to go to the new page.
  09/25/05 - I'm selling some guns I rescued from a pawn shop to help cover some expenses in my life. I've got an SL-68 II, a VM-68, a Rainmaker, and a Stingray I. For more info, check out the listing in My Classfieds. (all have sold, thanks Capone5!)

  Just to let everyone know, I'm always looking for pictures for my site. Basically, anything that you see on my site, I'm looking for. If you have a pic of something that you think belongs in "Mil-Sim" or "Alternative Paintball" then send it too me as well. Email me with a note about what you have and I'll be sure to give full credit to the photographer, as well as a complete caption for the photo. Thanks to those who have already sent in some quality photos.
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