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HMM 263 Remembering Vietnam

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Serving in HMM-263 Echo Golf [EG]

CH46 (Cargo Helicopter) as Crew Chief (Door gunner first 30 days)

1970-71 Danang Vietnam (USMC) Call Sign - Peachbush

HMM-263 Group Photos

Sergeants Photo 1970

HMM-263 Group Photo 1970

Compliments of John Barber (HMM-263/USMC/Vietnam Helicopter Association - See Link Below)

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Group 1 Photos of Vietnam

Enlisted Mens Club, Troops around bunkers, Mission takeoff, and An Hoa

EM Club, Ocean, Beautiful shots of Marble Mountain

Cobra, Marble Mountain Air Facility, South Vietnam, and LZ Danang

Group 2 Photos of Vietnam

Cloudy day, Danang River, Flightline, Marble Mt Air Fac., and "Kingfisher"

Troops, Peace, Anwah, Ready for preflight, and Chulai flyaway

Approach shots of the USS Sanctuary, and flying over the river in Danang

Group 3 Photos of Vietnam

Aerial shots of South Vietnam

Group 4 Photos of Vietnam

In the field, MAG perimeter, resupply, and fishing China Beach

Fishing on China Beach, MMAF, mortar, Marble, and Jack

Jack, picking up troops, and Huey

Group 5 Photos of Vietnam

Bird # 10, Jack

Group 6 Photos of Vietnam Provided by Don Lockwood (Woody)

Photos of UH 34's prior to my tour in HMM-263 from previous 263 squadron members

Group 7 Photos of Vietnam Provided by Leonard Cole

Some great shots of Marble Mountain and Danang Area

Group 8 Photos of Vietnam

Final Award


These were our days in Nam.

"The few, the proud"

"Thanks to my friend Roy for this award"

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Post Your Photos

Hey Guys, if you served with HMM 263 in Vietnam, whether in 46's or 34's and have some good photos you want shown, send them with a little description of what, when, and where to me at this address and I'll post them on the page...Click on Enter

Jack's "Remembering Vietnam" website provides this section for those Marines and Corpsmen who served in Vietnam with HMM 263, or for those who were related or knew Viet Vets in this vicinity and are looking for them or just anyone. Please sign in guys! There has been many friends who have "found" each other here. Thanks for your comments!

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