Ah, breasts. They may be as plain as the nose on your face, or maybe you only wish they were. But either way, gals, chances are you have a drawerful of bras, the better to lift, separate, and in general, reshape your bosom. Read all about it (them?) in Lift and Separate: The Bra Story. (And, guys, don't even pretend you're not interested. We know better. And stop drooling.)

No one ever said adolescence was easy. Luckily there's always been a plethora of advice books aimed at teenagers. And who better to tell you about those wacky hormones coursing through your body than . . . Patti Page and Connie Francis? Yes, it's Celebity Advice Books for Teens. (P.S. This is where you'll also read about me attending my first high school dance at the age of ... well, past high school.)

I don't know about you, but when I was little, I was always just a more than a bit confused by those mysterious products advertised in women's magazines and later on TV. You know the ones I mean: the slightly ominous ones for feminine deodorant spray and odd-looking suppositories. What a relief to grow up and discover that you didn't need them! Here's the lowdown on "down there" and The Mysterious (and Slightly Scary) World of Feminine Hygiene.

This issues also features Candi Strecker's informative Looking for Mr. Goodbra, a treatise on the trials and tribulations of bra buying.

Mystery Date #6. 26 pages, featuring a lovely pink cover (suitable for use as a coaster when you've finished reading the zine). $2.00, cash or stamps only from Lynn Peril at P.O. Box ??????, San Francisco, CA 941?? (As of February 2004 I'm in the midst of getting a new P.O. Box - please check back soon for the new address.)