This little beauty was a much-appreciated Xmas gift from my pals Peter and Tomiko. The box is for an item called the "Daisy Ladies' Razor", but it appears that the product within is a different razor of similar proportions.


For example, while the Daisy Razor allegedly "looks like a lipstick" (and "works like a charm"), this one's case looks more like ... well, like a lil' bitty plastic uterus, if you ask me. Then again it's also rather phallic. (Rotate the image in your head -- you'll see what I mean.) This discrepancy in shape, plus the letters K-E-W-T-I-E embossed down the center of the case, lead me to believe (what powers of deduction!) that this is indeed a Kewtie-brand safety razor.


Of course, I love the Daisy Razor's slogan, "Made In Hollywood For The Stars." And which stars would those be? Elizabeth Taylor? Marilyn Monroe? Or did some other particularly hirsute member of the entertainment galaxy call up the Hollywood Razor Corporation moaning, "My glamorous lifestyle requires an incredibly tiny razor. Can you help me?"


Size, after all, is the Daisy/Kewtie's salient characteristic. The image at the top of this page is, if you can believe it, a trifle LARGER than real life, while the razor blades are life-sized. Now, I don't know about you, but shaving any portion of my anatomy with a razor whose proportions are better suited to a doll than a real human being would be a daunting undertaking to say the least. "Hmmm, let's see, I have several hours free this afternoon. What shall I do? I know, I'll shave my legs with my Daisy/Kewtie!" Is it really any wonder why women reach for their husbands' razors?




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