Telling children about the facts of life has always caused a fine film of sweat to break out on parental upper lips. There is no consensus on just how or when this delicate information is to be imparted, hence the numerous "how to tell your children" books on the market. I've spoken with many people whose parents took just this route, handing them a book as gingerly as if it might explode and then quickly leaving the room. Other parents were more direct. One of my friends remembered her mother telling her all about sexual intercourse while carefully ironing her husband's shirts and not meeting her daughter's eyes. Then, when she was finished talking she asked if my friend had any questions. Just one, my pal replied, how did you do this with your clothes on? It was only when her mom explained that you didn't have any clothes on that my friend became truly grossed out by the whole process.

Perhaps sex education records filled a niche for parents wishing to avoid the impersonality of the book method and the high squeamishness factor of the direct confrontation method. What could be easier, or more wholesome, than having, say, Art Linkletter explain the facts of life to your children, right there in the living room?

Explore the wonderful world of sex ed records from Art Linkletter Narrates the Story of Where Did You Come From, to Your Sexuality - A Thing of Beauty, in Mystery Date #1. For advanced students, Sex Ed on Vinyl: The Sequel appears in Mystery Date #2.

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