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Please be patient as the background for this page loads. It comes from the cover of the company yearbook for the year 1970. It is courtesy of Capt. David Burdloff. It is a work in progress if you will. Don't have as much time to work on it as I would like.


I arrived at the 57th in September of 1970. At the time the 57th was the northern most transportation company. We ran the Firebases in Northern I Corps. Places like FSB Barbara, JJCarroll, Charlie 1 and Charlie 2. Some of the guys used to like to have target pratice with the NVA flag at the DMZ. We did our share of running to Da Nang and Tan My Ramps.


In 1971 we were joined by many other TC units for Operation Dewey Canyon II/Lam Son 719.The ARVN incursion into Laos to cut off the Ho Chi Minh Trail. All the TC units lost men and equipement during this time. We reopened the airstrip at Dong Ha. We then leapfrogged to FSA(Forward Support Area) Vandergrift and then to KHE SANH. Convoys ran day and night. From Vandergrift to Khe Sanh was a fun ride at night. Especially crossing the river and going through Sherwood Forest.


This website is meant to HONOR the MEN and WOMEN that made the ultimate sacrifice. To those of us that made it home "WELCOME HOME BROTHERS AND SISTERS"


Pictures have been contributed by Capt. David Burdloff, Lt.Sam Hoskins, Jimmy Peacock, Brad Kelley, Paul Bader, Gary Kennedy(nephew of a fallen buddy) and Claude Roberson.






I may have the ranks wrong and I will change them as I find the right ones. An * next to a name will signify that he was a member of a guntruck crew during his tour. This also will be corrected as I get it right.

Capt. David Burdloff  1970

Capt. Victor Matich    1971

Lt,     Sam Hoskins "Lt. Sam"     1971*

SSG. Bernard McCarthy "Mac" 1971*

Spec.5 Pat Barnes "Barney" 1971*

Spec.4 Roger Randolph "Hillbilly" 1971*

Spec.4 Dennis L Bute "Cherry Boy" 1971*

Spec.4 Joe Garcia "Boy"(note:no CHERRY here) 1971*

Spec.4 Walter Hollister "Wally" 1971

Spec.4 Paul Bader "Paul" 1971*

Spec.4 Mike McCall "Doc" 1971

Spec.4 Jimmy Peacock "Pea" 1971*

Spec.4 Claude Roberson "Robbie" 1971*

Spec.5 Elwood Jones "Jonesy" 1970

Spec.4 Ray Piller "The Pill" 1970

Spec.4 Charles Koenig 1970

Spec.4 Brad Kelley "Jolly Green" 1970*

Spec.4 Robert Robinson "Pork Chop"

Spec.4 Jim Hollifield "James" 1969

Spec.4 Noah Black 1969

Spec.5 Chris Dahl 1970

Spec.4 Jim Elrod "Elrod" 1971*

Sgt.E5 Ron Bennett 1970

Sgt.E5 Terry Willison "Te TE Sgt." 1970*

Spec.4 Harry Smith "Smitty" 1971

Spec.4 Wayne Jackson "Little Buddy"1971

Spec.4 Mike Adams "Doc Adams"1970*

Spec.5 Mike McBride 1971*

Spec.4 Leroy Sherril 1971*

1st.LT Clendon Whatley 1969

Spec.4 Terry Duvall 1969

Spec.4 James Frazier 1970

Spec.4 Jonnie L Irvin 1970

Spec.4 Larry Lively 1967

Spec.4 David M. Clolvin 1969

Spec.4 Dennis Shafley

Spec.4 Sal Perez 1971

Spec.4 Johnny Toya 1970

Spec.4 Alfredo G. Padilla 1970

Spec.4 Tommy Welin 1970

Spec.5 Larry Landtroop 1971

Spec.4 Jimmy Holden 1968

Sgt. Anthony Szozda 1968

Spec.4 Mario Burciaga 1970

Spec.4 Willie J. Senn "Baby Huey"1970

Spec.5 Terry Olen "Olen"1969-1971


        We are still waiting for the following "Nomads" to show up.


Wayne Rogers "Big Red"*

Sam Bass*


Joe Duran

Sgt. Griff*

Kenneth Black

        And any other Nomad that I may have forgotten to mention here.(The mind is a terrible thing to waste)

I have used thumbnails to make it quicker for the pages to load. Just click on the picture to see an enlargement. I hope this works better. Also Guys if you could all send me your new emails so that I can keep and update a database of everyone. Just in case some new shows up and want's to get ahold of one of you. That way I know were to forward the email. Thanks.

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