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My links are at the bottom of this page, but first let me introduce myself.

I began researching the subject of what the Orthodox Church says about animals when Beth, my companion of almost 16 years, developed chronic kidney failure due to a cystic kidney. God be praised, with medical care, mutual cooperation, the love of Christ God and the action of the Holy Spirit she did very well for the 3 years of her illness. (She passed on June 11, 1999 at 18 years 7 months of age.)

Three things prompted me to put some of what I've found on the Web:

I am an Orthodox Christian. I have shared my home with both cats and dogs at various times. Right now I am blessed with Yuri Gagarin, a fawn shaded golden classic tabby. My last dear friend was an elderly black cat with a small white star on her chest. Her name was Star of Bethlehem.

I picked my Tripod name, Near_to_God, because of a proverb I kept coming across in Orthodox writings. "All things are near to God." I felt it was the right phrase to use when discussing God's relationship to his other creatures.

I am not a sticky sentimentalist when it comes to animals. I love them for what they are, not what I wish them to be. I feel people should always try to understand the creatures that live with them as having their own creaturely being and instincts. In short, they are not miniature people. What we tend to expect of them is not necessarily in sync with what God has given them the instincts to do or how He intended them to be.

I am not a vegetarian, not yet anyway. The more I read the more I think I should be. I think I would be closer to God's will for man and beast if I was.

I love the space program, Star Trek, John Wayne, reading, and crafts! My heros have always been Buzz Aldrin, and the John Wayne I grew up seeing in the movies.

I might do an environmentaly themed Brookfield Zoo Community Christmas Tree. The tree is provided by the zoo for a fee. They provide lights and you do the rest! I did one on Orthodoxy and Animals and it was really well received. I loved watching folks read the texts on the back of the ornaments.

Right now I am working on a question related to prayer, and on something I saw in an Icon of the Transfiguration. When complete I will add to this site.

I was laid off last year so when I get a new job I will upgrade my Tripod membership. Until then, please forgive the advertisements.

P.S. All excerpts used in accordance with the "just use" provision of the U.S. Copyright laws.

"All things are near to God." - Russian Proverb

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A short-cut to illustrated quotes linked to documents throughout this site. I think it is best to come upon them in situ so this is for reference.

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