Bishojo Senshi Sailormoon Star

::A girl in a flowing white gown, tinged with pink, long hair fluttering in the wind, walks up to you, her hands clasped together before her. She smiles softly, as she gestures to the surroundings.::

Welcome, minna-san. Atashi wa Tsukino Usagi Lady Princess Selenity, and this is my home... the Crystal Palace of Crystal Tokyo.

BSSM Star is a story that takes place after the end of BSSM Sailorstars, the last aired season of BSSM. It is based upon an equal mix of the manga and anime elements.

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The Enemies of BSSM Star
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Hmmm With all that, I bet you're wondering where the fanfic is. So am I, so am I... and I do know where it is. On my friend Susan's ancient computer... I started writing it their, and only did so when I visited her. So now, I'm in the process of moving it from her's, to my notebook, to my computer. Wish me luck, minna.