Welcome to the USS Neptune

Welcome to the USS Neptune Homepage. The USS Neptune is an independent simulation which is alligned with the Federation Sim Organization but not techically in it.

The Neptune takes place in the year 2285 in the Star Trek Universe (which is the time of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan) It is a refit Constitution class vessel. Every 14 sims we move forward a year in the Trek Universe.

The Neptune sims on the Starlink Network in the channel #StarTrek on Saturdays at 9pm Eastern Time. It is headed by CmdrRowe. If you are interested in simming with us please come to #StarTrek around 8 or 8:30pm on Saturday and we'll get you set up.

USS Neptune Crew

Commanding Officer: Commander Quinn Rowe
Executive/Flight Officer: Lieutenant John Hawk 
Chief Medical Officer: Doctor Hugh (Lieutenant Junior Grade)
Chief Engineering Officer: Lieutenant Epsilion  
Chief Tactical Officer: Lieutenant Junior Grade Nathan Tered
Chief Communications Officer:  Open 
Chief Science Officer: Ensign Tusok 
Assistant Tactical Officer:  Open 
Captain's Logs

Sim Links

Federation Sim Organization: If you are looking for a good sim group it's the best out there
USS Chimera-A Homepage: One of the best TNG Sims out there.

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