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Go Forth and Meet, Otaku!

Otakon- The Convention of Otaku Generation - Otakon 1999, the biggest gathering of Otaku on this side of Rockies, is again completed.This year we totally dominated Eastern Seaboard Conventions with a number of 4500.Join us for O2K and see what we do to make your con experience as fulfilling. 

The Halls of Authors

The NERV Logo- Very EnigmaticThe Guild of Artisans

        Exclusive Kimagure Orange Road Gallery- Good site but the Thumbnails are a bit hard to see.

        Fushigi Yuugi Image Gallery- Great site for FY pics!

        Eden- The Greatest Macross Plus Site, unless you like the music a lot, then it kind of lacks greatness.

        Magic Knight Rayearth Image Gallery- Great image collection if you have some patience...

        Mahou Tsukai Tai Image Gallery- One of my new Favorites, if you just watch it.

        Genesis- Neon Genesis Evangelion, need I say more?

The Fellowship of Musicians

The Wonder of the Game

The Greatest Anime Songstress Ever - Priss AsagiriContact Me!

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Okay, so itís been a damn long time since this site was updated, but a lot of things have been going on since then.Yes it isnít an excuse but itíll have to do.To all of you folks interested in my MP3 collection I have only one word for you.Sorry.But these are not hard to find if you are a tenacious and curious person.Dig the depths of the web and I guarantee you can have a collection as big as mine.

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