Title: Hourman
Issue: 1
Story: "Through the Hourglass"
Writer: Tom Peyer
Pencils: Rags Morales
Inker: David Meikis

My Comments
Fantastic 1st issue.  I loved the artwork especially the scene with Hourman looking through the mind of Batman. The retro Justice League look was fantastic.  Morales will do great things in this book.  Tom Peyer fresh off of Legion seems to have become the go to man for Hourman related stuff. Its also very cool to see Snapper Carr back in action.  It'll be interesting to see how much of his adventures are looked upon in future stories. 

4 out of 5 stars

Story Summary (Spoilers)

Snapper Carr has always had a soft place in the heart of the Justice League. Now, as he prepares to meet his new best friend Hourman. Right now though, hundreds of miles above the Earth, Hourman and the rest of the Justice League (Green Lantern, Flash, Huntress and Zauriel) discuss the next few minutes of time, before they even happen.  After some embarassing comments by Hourman, quoting the future comment by Green Lantern about "needing a woman", the Huntress decided that all Hourman needed was more exposure to human nature and common sense. Quoting the Flash''s "future comments" that they should contact the JLA's "expert on dating. Seconeds later the five members of the JLA were in Gotham City and had gone "through the looking glass" to stumble upon Batman in a guillotine trap. Hourman instantly sprung into action aging the Mad Hatter and his henchmen and reducing the guillotine to dust. Interfering with Batman doesn't gain praise as Hourman soon found out. "Beneficiaries of rescues don't command fear."  A solid lesson of Batman's experience. Hourman took it one step farther, using his time powers, Hourman absorbed the JLA history from the prism of Batman's experience.  Knowing what he must do, Hourman took off in search of one man.

    The Mad Yak Cafe.  A small coffee house in the town of Happy Harbor.  Snapper Carr writes about the future of himself and his soon to be new friend Hourman.  He knew about the future and his soon to be adventures with Tyler, Bethany Lee, The JLAndroid, Hypertime, Amazo and many others.  Thats when the JLA showed up early. Understanding that Hourman skipped 20 minutes to arrive in the present.   Not sticking around long to talk to the League, Hourman and Snapper decided to take a walk back to his place.  The conversation went back and forth as they told each other the story of the others life. All in all, Snapper decided that "Hourman's story came off much better." Snapper gave Tyler, Hourman's new name, a present.  In his hands, Snapper held a piece of Hourman's past. Snapper held the original endocrinostat of the first android Amazo. Not thinking, Tyler decided that he needed to talk to Amazo and used his "Time Vision" and brought Amazo back to life through the endocrinostat. As Tyler tried to ask Amazo "was he programmed for evil, or did he choose to be", Amazo had other plans when he reconized Snapper Carr.  Amazo using his adapted Green Lantern ring power, Amazo pinned Snapper to the roof, giving Tyler an open shot to remove Amazo with his "Time Vision".  After a couple seconds of breath another Amazo, "Timazo" popped in to the home.  This time a much advanced version of Amazo as he had absorbed half of Tyler's infinite time power. This time as Timazo and Hourman traded shots, Bethany Lee decided to stop by Snapper's home only to get caught in a stray shot of "Time Vision" Bethany was reduced back to a 2 year old child. Timazo and Hourman took that battle to "War Station Krinn in 3054". Hourman made preperations to defeat Timazo.  While Timazo was battling with a "temporial image",  Timazo using his time powers brought 4 of his past and future self's into the battle while Hourman brought 4 of his past and future selfs into the battle.  As the future and past selves elimited themselves, it came back to Timazo and Hourman in the home of Snapper Carr. Again using his "Time Vision" Tyler recasted the future eliminating Timazo from ever being created.   Hourman decided that he had too much power and decided to break up the "Worlogog" the souce of his power leaving himself his "miraclo strength and speed. One-hour periods of time vision and limited fuel for his Timeship." In doing so, Tyler collapsed in Snapper's arms weak from his power change. Snapper sat back and thought about the actions that day and how his life was soon to change. He thought about the instant changes to Tyler until he rested his mind and slept. No loose ties Snapper lastly thought.  Outside his home, baby Bethany Lee decovers what playing in traffic is really like.