Title: Hourman
Issue: 5
Story: "The Death of Hourman"
Writer: Tom Peyer
Pencils: Rags Morales
Inker: David Meikis

My Comments
Golden Age Justice Society of America and Hourman fans will love this story.  Peyer and Morales went through great lengths to make this story truly feel as if it was a golden age story.  Rag's beld of "Golden Age" and "Modern Age" art concepts blew me away in this issue.  Moralas and Peyer even went so far as to have the pages tinted yellow.  I love this touch.  Great story and a interesting way to relieve the entire history of Rex Tyler within 1 issue.

4 out of 5 stars

Story Summary (Spoilers)

Snapper Carr is quickly becoming nothing but bad luck for Tyler.  First coffee, now one of the original Hourman's "Miraclo" Pills.  Last issue, Hourman and the crew, found themselves in the home of the Golden Age's Hourman, Rex Tyler and found one of the last remaining Miraclo pills. The effect is not what its cracked up to be as suddenly Tyler (Hourman #3) is going on a journey in his own mind, unfortunatly that doesn't include Beth and Snapper who are within striking distance.Yelling for them to get out, Hourman begins his journey through the life of Rex Tyler.

Tyler finds himself staring at Rex Tyler who has just been hit by an ambulance.   Unfortunatly in this journey, the only person that can see Tyler is Snapper.   Although he's not the Snapper we all know, but a figment of Tyler's mind working in unison with the Miraclo drug running through his body.  Not understanding the real powers of Miraclo, Tyler becomes dangerously unstable, as he comes to grips with his hallucination.

"Snapper" gave Tyler a warnning about turning back. Truely experiencing humanitiy may not be in Tyler's best intentions, but this was to be ignored by Tyler, who decided to take a first look of life through the eyes of Rex Tyler. It wasn't enough to experience life through Rex's eyes, he had to truely experience life through Rex.

Outside of Tyler's mind, Snapper and Beth, were doing all they can to make sure that Tyler wouldn't destroy the house.  Unfortunatly there was nothing they could do except watch and wait the hour until the "Miraclo" pill wore off.  Although back in Happy Harbor, a green handed android turns Snapper's cat into a shell of what it once was...

In the hallucination, "Hourman" watches as the ambulance drivers take to the air as they are Dr. Trogg's creations known as "Gombezis." Hourman soon took off to "follow those gombezis!".  As Tyler worked more into the role of Hourman, he began to truly live through the life of Rex Tyler.  Seeing Rex as boy, "having to accomplish miracles just to feel adequate." Tyler also sees Rex's first chemestry book, and a confrontation with Dr. Trogg, as well as different scenes of Rex's college and post class career,  to a boy who came from nothing to one of the Justice Society. Tyler also lived through one of Dr. Midnight's concerns of "Miraclo" changing  Rex's personality, and again through the birth of his son Rick, and again as Rick defies his father to become a member of Infinitity Inc and the seconed Hourman. Tyler's journey was beginning to end as he soon ended his battle with Dr. Trogg, with Dr. Trogg becoming a victim of his own "Monstroscopic Lamp",   Tyler living through "his son's" Rick's hosipital stays, to Rex's battle with Extant, and finally with his death and funeral. "Rise and Shine, Ty. Your hours up."

When Tyler woke up, he found that he retained most of the knowledge and experience of his hallucination. As Tyler quickly wanted to rush out of the Harris home, he found that Snapper and Bethany were no where to be seen, he had an overwhelming urge to find out what happend to Rick, and finally, acknoledge the damage that had been done to Wendi's house! Before he could he access the damage even more, he was met by the JLA....although, a humanitity lost JLA, now know as the JLA Androids.