Title: Impulse
Issue: 1,000,000
Story: Desperate Time -- A Million
Writer: W. Loebs
Pencils: C. Rousseau
Inker: ?

My Comments
Personally, I am not a big fan of the Impulse comic. This issue, even falling under the 1 Million ideas, really didn't do a lot for me. The story was ok. In my opinion nothing really spectacular, almost predictable. The artwork of the issue was kinda cartoony, normal. But the use of Jesse Quick, the Rocket Red/Vandal Savage/1 Million tie in is also a plus.

3 out of 5 stars

Story Summary (Spoilers)

The Flash of the 853rd Century, John Fox, must reluctantly team with the kid speedster, Impulse, to stop an atom bomb Rocket Red, containing Jesse Quick. After the destruction of Montevideo, the future Superman, asks Fox, to find Impulse, and help him prevent the other 4 bombs. As, Fox flew off trying to find Manchester, Alabama, Bart learned that the JLA had been kidnap and was instantly offend that he wasn't good enough to be kidnapped. As the newscast continued a Rocket Red was scene flying over India, which sent Impulse racing into action. As Impulse raced for India, he was met by Fox, who proceeded to explain that he found Impulse by tracking him with a device that detects variations in the Speed Force. Suddenly, a fight between Fox and Impulse insued as Impulse remembered the briefing by Wally West of Fox's past actions. After Fox explained the future and the different circumstances of the future and Superman living in the Sun, Impulse decided to try to outrace Fox, who in an amazing move, matched Impulse's speed in reverse, and although they were traveling around the world, Fox and Impulse looked as if they were standing still. By chance, the Rocket Red was found.
As Impulse and Fox, retreated from the Rocket Red, the device that found Impulse, started noticing detection's in the Speed Force, and recognized that Jesse Quick was inside the Rocket Red suit. To team up, Fox gave a headnet device that would let him and Impulse share thoughts. Big mistake. As the headset linked, Fox realized that he was sharing the memories and mind of Impulse as well as letting Impulse see into his head of John Fox causing Impulse to now be lost in the 853rd century.
Suddenly, as through they were in the 853rd Century, the Rocket Red attacked, although he attacked in the present, that battle looked as if it was taking place in the future. In a smart, yet stupid move by Impulse, Impulse snags Fox's Headnet device, and vibrates it into the Rocket Red suit and places it on Jesse Quick, who still trapped inside the suit can see outside the suit. Through that action now the minds of Impulse and Jesse Quick are linked which is great except, for them seeing the world as if they were in the 853rd Century. But, using an extra link, John joined Jesse and Impulse who found the bomb. Using the mind of Jesse Quick, from inside the suit, she disabled the bomb, which brought all 3 minds back to the current century, and as Impulse removed Jesse from the suit, India was saved. But the war, isn't over.