Title: Impulse
Issue: #43
Story: "Gamal's Story"
Writer: William Loebs
Pencils: Craig Rousseau
Inker: ?

My Comments
I guess by now everyone in Manchester knows Impulse is Bart. I mean,

1) Gamal, one second is talking to Bart and Max, and tells of his disdain for Impulse, yet 2 pages later, Impulse and Max are right there next to Gamal and Max's daughter fight against the Mercenary's. And then, as the story ends, walks home with Max, Bart and Max's daughter, as if the had been there the entire time. Makes no sense.

2) The story was totally full of loopholes and bad jokes.

3) Artwork was kinda bad, I mean looked rushed and the problems with it being night and day suddenly.

4) Too many inventions, that were just so convient.
Personally, Issue 50, and the new team of Van Sciver and Dezago, just isn't coming fast enough.

1 out of 5 stars

Story Summary (Spoilers)

The story starts with the beginnings of a bad running joke. We see Max, in the yard, planting a garden of chives and horseradish. This bad pun was sent throughout the story, with gags on "horseradish ice cream" and "chives sandwiches".

We see one of Gemal's scientific experiments, of an antigravity machine. At one scene sending his brother to the roof of the convient store, in another, sending Max, Bart and Helen to the roof of there home while eating dinner.

Another scene, we start to see a group of "multinational, multigendered mercenaries, who have been hired to kidnap or assassinate a rogue scientist living in this country" (Gamal).

We soon return to the home of Bart and family as they happily settle down to a dinner of baked chives. As there conversation continues, they soon realize that the are suddenly sitting at a table on the ceiling. Soon, with radiation suit on and big box in hand, Gamal rushes in to show Bart his new experiment. As another conversation of Gamal's experiments continues, Gamal states of his disdain for Impulse, but thinks Bart is completely different. Only suddenly as Bart's friend Carol bursts into the house, and starts screaming that there is a monster. (Here is were the entire story begins to not make sense.

We see the entire family downtown with Gamal and Carol. As a giant fire-monster (Flame) has Pete in the air, and demanding Gamal's experiments. Then suddenly Max Mercury and Impulse are seen speeding up behind Gamal. As Impulse speed into action he suddenly had to deal with the threat of "Mountain", a man mountain (kinda resembling Clayface.). And "Dark", put the challenge of Max Mercury to the test.

As the battle continues, Gamal began to the his story of why he left his country, because they wanted to be a world power, and how he had made many enemies due to his decision to flee. This conversation didn't last long as "Pointman and Glacier" began, to inform Gamal and Helen, that there services go tot he highest bidder, and that this time there was nothing that they could do. Suddenly remembering Gamal's upside down machine, Impulse rushed in for save, activating the machine, sending Pointman flying into the night sky (although the entire story takes place during the day) and turning Glacier into multimile high pillar of ice. Some one accidentally activated the "anti gravity machine".

Deciding to use his "3-Dimensional Duplicating Machine", Impulse suddenly became 7 separate Impulses. All with there own mind. By chance, all the Impulse's decided to run and accidentally ran into "Dark", saving Max Mercury by overloading "Dark", with all the separate minds. Leaving "Mountain and Flame" to Helen and Gamal, who used Gamal's "Super Power Switching Machine" against them, smothering them both with each other. And as suddenly as it began all 7 Impulse reverted back into one. The helmet of "Pointman" crashed back to each. Max was suddenly standing next to Gamal, Impulse and Helen, and the whole gang walking off into the fade.