Title: Impulse
Issue: #44
Story: "All Hallows Gettin Even"
Writer: William Loebs
Pencils: Craig Rousseau
Inker: ??

My Comments
Being in the comics/website hobby as I am, normally we hear a lot about upcoming story lines, and characters being introduced, this time, I think almost everyone was caught offguard. As this title starts to mature more and more, we see a direct tie in to the "Life and Times of the Flash book", with Max being the important person lost, and a more important part of Impulse life coming into the picture. If they are killing Max off its sad seeing Max leave the comics world. He was a great character, and I'll always remember one scene, with Max and Bart hugging before he went to the future with his mom. Great job by Loebs and Rousseau.

4 out of 5 stars

Story Summary (Spoilers)

The story starts out, as we see kids celebrating that great night we call, Halloween. In the background we hear the story of a child, retelling his beliefs that his grandmother riddled him with. Stories of the walking sprits that still may be in search of finding their targets. A fight between a criminal father and a criminal son, bad intentions, and hopeless with, that the father would die.

We come across Evil eye, again trying to make a place in the Tigers, the local gang. Stealing candies from trick-or-treaters, and still tortured by being untrusted by all. Claming that Evil Eye needed an edge, our story begins. In a family of super-villains, there is always a few gadgets lying around, stuff to impress friends with.

Were soon cut back to the "House" of Bart, were the tradition of Halloween continues, with Max in devil costume, handing out popcorn balls and Helen handing out dental coupons, getting ready to teach Bart the custom of Halloween. After Max and Helen again explained the holiday, the word "costume" comes to mind as Bart races off to the school's costume ball. Thinking he'll surprise them all as showing up as Impulse, Bart was the one surprised as a lot of other kids, came as Impulse too.

We return to the Evil Eye plot line in the story as a costume store is suddenly being torn apart by invisible assailants. After the theft, the boys celebrated, only to realize they only stole shirts... they forget the money. Realizing they would need to go to another 24-hour store, and to Evil Eye's sudden fear, they chose "Zimm Zams".

Were suddenly met at "Zimm Zams" were two men are discussing there children, as Max Mercury suddenly shows his face, and immediately starts asking questions, to Weapon, Evil Eye's father, about the invisible burglary earlier in the night. Believing the story of Weapon, Max left in search of Professor Morlo, Weapon's dad. At the same instant that Max leaves, Impulse arrives in the same instant. After catching the third degree from Weapon, "Evil Eye" and the "Tigers" got ready for their heist on "Zimm Zams". Springing into action, their first move was using a "harmonic disrupter" on Impulse, totally slowing him down to crawl speed. Next the Invisible robbers, stole the money from the cash register, knocking out the extra register guy and starting to beat the tar out of Weapon. Activating the kill switch to his devices, the boys no longer were invisible, and Weapon and Impulse saw Evil Eye and the Tigers. Lying in giant left knocking down on of the boys, another move on Weapon's kill switch, turned the taser against the other member. As things turned for the worse, the first boy, pulled a gun, and shot at Weapon, whose back was turned, only to be saved by Max Mercury, who seemingly stopped the bullet.

As Impulse celebrated a victory, Superboy suddenly got in touch with a "YJ Communicator", informing him of the Young Justice chaperone party. Impulse, suddenly in action, made sure that it was ok, with Max and took off to the party. (See Young Justice #3 or the Hangout's Review). As soon as Impulse was gone, were left with one of the saddest scenes, as max, still holding his side collapses to the ground, in a pool of blood.