Title: Impulse
Issue: 51
Story: "It's all relative"
Writer: Todd Dezago
Pencils: Ethan Van Sciver
Inker: Prentis Rollins

My Comments
Another solid issue by Todd and Ethan. The art since Ethan picked up the series has been fantastic and the detail is amazing. I think the build up to Inertia (The Reverse-Impulse) has been terrific. The study of the past Impulse adventures has been a cool twist to the idea of retro adventures. Next issue should be fantastic as Impulse will meet Inertia. Could this be the evil twin bother of Bart, as warned about, in the "Life story of the Flash"? You bet he is. Very Good issue.

3 3/4 out of 5 stars

Story Summary (Spoilers)

Again "the mysterious stranger" and his super computer Craydl, study tapes of Impulse and his earlier cases. Today, the duo study a tape of Impulse and his battle with "The Fog Prince". Craydl's observation of the "mysterious stranger", was that "what originally started as a hobby, has turned into a full-blown obsession." So again today the cycle will continue as "the mysterious stranger" studies another day in the life of Impulse.

Lunch room at Manchester Junior High is a frenzy of activity. Bart on his gameboy, Carol and her friends discussing boys, and the frenzy of guys checking out the latest issue of "The After-Life Avenger." After giving Bart a nudge to check it out, while the boy's backs were turned Bart read every issue of "The After-Life Avenger" all the way through the missing issue 16. Preston collection was missing that issue, since it sold out so fast. After reading a couple more issues, Bart learned the sad fact that haunts every comic book fan, "Continued in 30 days...? Ya mean I gotta wait a whole month for the end of this story. What a rip!".

In a toy store, far away from the small city of Manchester. A lone "Cherub" fan, the sidekick to "The After-Life Avenger" is again disappointed that a hundred Avengers have come in, yet not one Cherub has yet been delivered. Thinking that the delivery truck had to have a few on board, young Nelson Arling does what every other teenager would do, become a supervillian made out of fog and take they toys!

A rainy afternoon in Manchester, Helen and Max, decided to pick up Bart, Carol and Preston from school. Bart being the master of impatience couldn't keep still to save his life. Wanting to run out of the car and be home already, Max continued to stress the importance of keeping secrets around Preston. The only person in the car that doesn't know Bart is Impulse. After Preston left the car, Carol asked Bart about his present for Preston's birthday. Instantly reminded that he didn't get her one Bart raced from the car, and into his Impulse costume set out to get Preston the coolest present he could, the missing issue of "The After-Life Avenger."

Just outside of Strasberg, Colorado the toy truck seen earlier was on its way to make its next delivery, only to be stopped suddenly by a heavy case of fog. For a long time, Nelson has waited for a "Cherub" figure and tonight was his night. At least, so he thought. Racing back from Seattle, Impulse/Bart had found the missing issue to Preston's collection. As he thought about the look on Preston's face, Impulse suddenly ran into the huge patch of fog. Stumbling upon the robbery in progress, Impulse quickly dissipated the fog, only to come face to face with "The Silver Fog Jr". Explaining that his dad was "The Silver Fog", he had the power to generate fog and make it tangible, and that he had this power too. His dad even went so far as to claim that he had beaten the New Teen Titans and the Flash. Instant conclusion, someone was lying. Impulse then sprung into action, quickly beating down "The Silver Fog's" fog creatures and even bringing "The Silver Fog" to his knees by finding the only Cherub figure in the shipment and holding it hostage. As "The Silver Fog" freaked out, Impulse was able to snag the fog controller shut it down. In doing so, shutting down the "Fog Prince's" costume and reveling young Nelson.

We return to the "mysterious stranger" again preparing to meet Impulse. A little more about his mission becomes clear as he explains that beating Impulse will accomplish what his family has been trying to do for generations. As the last of the Thrawnes. he will be remove the last of the Allens, for Bart won't see him coming, since the mysterious stranger, the last Thrawnes will be known as "Inertia."