Title: Robin
Issue: #1,000,000
Story: "Dark Planet"
Writer: Chuck Dixon
Pencils: Staz Johnson
Inker: ?????

My Comments
This issue alone, would be hard to understand without the Batman 1 Million and Catwoman 1 Million issues. Otherwise, it was a good story. If you read the other two you actually feel a little pang of sadness that he actually died in the end. But so goes. Weird things I noticed were, that Batman actually laughed at a joke, and the fight sequence between Batman and Joker was kinda dumb, I mean....why give up the suit, Robin was just a robot. Otherwise, a good book.

3 out of 5 stars

Story Summary (Spoilers)

Continuing from Batman 1 Million and Catwoman 1 Million, Robin "The Toy Wonder", having asked Catwoman, to break into the Batcave, now fights with the centuries most dangerous criminals, on the prison planet Pluto, as our centuries Batman, fights to find a way off this planet of the damned.

As Robin fought and Batman met his future heir to the mantle as a hologram, a strange bit of future represented itself. The Joker, in this case, the future Joker. Robin "The Toy Wonder", tried to fight the Joker, but as the future repeated itself, using a "power spike", the Joker stabbed Robin, mortally wounding him. But it didn't end there. The Joker, dragged the near dead Robin into the Batcave, where he held him, in a succeeding effort to steal the boomsuit, that would get Batman off the Planet, and able to meet up with other members of the JLA. Robin, begging Batman, not to give him the suit, feel on death ears, as the Batman, willingly gave up the "Boom Suit" to the Joker. With keeping to history, the Joker still trashed Robin, as he escaped, but ultimately killed himself by "booming" straight into space.

Realizing, that Batman, had given up his only way off the planet, Robin, always monitoring the inmates escape tactics, found that one prisoner, Phlanagain, had a rocket ship waiting as he was loading rats onto the ship to escape the planet, Batman, informing Phlanagain, would be escaping strapped Robin into the shuttle as they rocketed off the planet.

In his last words, Robin "The Toy Wonder", knowing that his job was complete realized he was dying. In his last words before totally burning out, "told Batman, to grit it up, save the world, save the human race." And that a new model would be needed, and that he was going back into the "Headnet"... and with that...the "Toy Wonder", said goodnight. Leaving Batman and Phlanagain, rocketing to the Justice Legion A's moon home base.