Title: Robin
Issue: #59
Story: "Brutality 101"
Writer: Chuck Dixon
Pencils: Staz Johnson
Inker: ??

My Comments
To me, this was a pretty powerful issue. Philmont's death. The fight sequence with Steeljacket, as well as the other scenes with Spolier. Dixon does some great work. This series since I rejoined it up for issue 49.has just totally gotten better and better. The artwork kinda has a touch of the old 80's Spider-man stories, possibly the paper and the artwork. Over all, a great story, and the next few issues will really be the defining moments of Tim as the hero, as to where Robin is the hero.

4 out of 5 stars

Story Summary (Spoilers)

Continuing from last issue, we join Robin in combat with Steeljacket, trying to save the lives of Ives and Hudson. As Robin continues the battle, The scene changes to a moment between Steph and her mom. The story with Steph and this baby is always interesting, as she shows a lot of responsibilities of getting ready for the baby, and the issues with her mom and such.

Cutting back, we see Robin, in the fight of his life with Steeljacket. With the fight going both ways, until a lucky shot brings Steeljacket to his knees and then another knocking him out. From there freeing Ives and Hudson. Robin returned to the Batcave, and like a good boyfriend does calls his girlfriend.

An interesting conversation, going from the baby to Steph's mom, and the most unexpected question for Robin. Could he take Steph to birthing classes?

The next scene, takes place during Tim's track class, as Ives and Philmont run track and Tim, hangs back to talk to them, only to see Josh Stanzland and Mark Meachum, soon again came on to terrorize Philmont. As Tim stepped in to help, but was suddenly stopped by Ives. Tim Drake, must deal with the fact, he can't be Robin, without his costume.

Later in the day, the dean of boys asked both Ives and Tim to enter his office and discuss Philmont. The problem is, Philmont's body was found dead in the woods, beaten to death with a blunt instrument. Although Ives did everything in his power not to tell on the last people Philmont was seen with, Tim was very fast to tell the Dean of Boys the names of the boys. As Ives and Tim returned to class, Ive's literally freaked, because he didn't know that his friend was there, and ended as both boys blamed themselves for not trying to help. Powerful issue.