Title: Robin
Issue: #60
Story: "The Ugly Truth"
Writer: Chuck Dixon
Pencils: Staz Johnson
Inker: Stan Woch

My Comments
Another great issue by Dixon. This title deserves "Wizard's Best of 98" award. The story of Steph and Tim is always handled great, and I even find myself wondering, what will happen between them, as Tim moves to Keystone. The death of Philmont, makes an interest story, followed by the almost, everyday life of Tim Drake. The only real standout on this issue, is the sequence of Alvin Draper and Stephine. The art on this book, is pretty good and always is.

3 1/2 outta 4 stars

Story Summary (Spoilers)

Tim Drake, is haunted by nightmares. In his dreams, Philmont Dilinger, Tim Drake's dead classmate, is haunting Tim. "Robin made the promise to protect the weak, not Tim Drake," is his defense to the ghost of Philmont. But, Philmont's reply is that, "you are the same." Mrs. Mac, then enters the scene to wake up Tim from his nightmare, and from his night's sleeve, and has Tim prepare for the day. As Tim, taking a shower and getting ready for school, reflects on Philmont, the school bully, and his decision to not intervene. Talking to his father, didn't make it any easy, as he explained to his father of just seeing the boy before he was killed. With all thats happening in Gotham, Tim's father starts hinting at a move to Keystone City.

Later, we join Tim and his friends discussing the events of Philmont's death, and Tim's decision to tell the principal of Stazland being the last person to see Philmont. Ives then defends his reasons for not telling anyone what he really saw about Stanzland and Meachum's actions, for fear that he too would be beaten or killed if he opened his mouth.

We, join Robin at the scene of the murder. Looking for evidence of the murder, and concedes that, enough evidence has been found, and the Stanzland and Meachum had to be responsible for this act of brutality. Setting up some digital cameras at the boy's trailer park homes, Robin left his surveillance, to meet his lovely date for the evening.

Appearing on Stephanie's front door, Alvin Draper arrived to take Steph to Lamaze classes. As they sat in class, Steph tried to find out why "Alvin" wore the disguise and if he felt stupid in it. As they walked home, Steph, told "Alvin" that his disguise was great, but in a heartfelt moment, told him, that she would known it was him (Tim) without the mask. Alvin walking Steph to the door, "Alvin" left and jumped into his Robin gear, and went back on to surveillance.

Going back to the trailer park, Robin checked the digital camera, only to find a picture of one of the suspects on the camera. The image, showed Mark Meachum, 20 minutes ago in the park, prompting Robin, to follow him, to lead him right to Stanzland. Using fear, Robin appeared before Meachum, only to have Meachum believe he had ditched Robin, and unwittingly lead Robin straight to Stanzland. As Meachum, returned to the emergency shelter, that Stanzland was hiding in, Robin, suddenly joined the party, only to be attacked by both boys. Still wearing his motorcycle helmet, Robin managed to shake off being hit with a baseball bat in the head. From there it was all Robin, beating both boys into submission, only to stop, as the boys explained that they hadn't killed Philmont, but ran and hid from the police, because the assumed everyone thought they had did it. Robin, realizing that he hadn't seen the boys kill Philmont, and that it was only his comments that made the boys suspects. Calling the police, Stanz and Meachum were taken in, as Tim realized what he had to do.

The next morning, Tim was called into the principals office, to talk to Sheriff Smith, about what happened with Stanzland and Meachum on the track field. But, Tim changed his story, claiming that he didn't see either of the boys on the field that day. Hoping he did the right thing, were left as Tim, looks at the last picture of Philmont. Hoping, that he did the right thing.