Title: Robin
Issue: 61
Story: "The Killer"
Writer: Chuck Dixon
Pencils: Staz Johnson
Inker: Stan Woch

My Comments
Another good issue by Dixon. I found the series ending with Stanzland and Meachum being the killers very convient. I mean we all kinda saw it coming but Dixon still kept it entertaining and still a very good story. Next issue brings in the team up with the Flash and Tim and company moving to Keystone City.

4 out of 5 stars

Story Summary (Spoilers)

Continued from last month's issue of Robin we join a family trying to escape from the Hell known now as Gotham City. As a gang of thugs calling themselves the Block Police demanded that the family pay the toll for the use of the street. But as the family was held in danger the team of Nightwing and Robin joined in and took care of the gang as they talked. "Gotham is going feudal." Robin gave directions to family to escape Gotham and then left with Nightwing to have a talk. Robin discussed the recent events with Stanzland and Meachum and the death of his classmate Philmont Denlinger. Robin's conscious is still in turmoil over his actions regarding the boys and his own feelings of guilt. For best intentions Nightwing warned Robin to keep an eye on the boys and then left Robin for the evening.

The next day as Tim was in class, he got a visit from Stanzland and Meachum who thanked him for covering for them to the police. Tim explained that he just told what he saw and that was all. As they walked away Tim and Ives walked off on there own. Tim and Ives discussed the death of Philmont. Ives was totally convinced that Stanzland and Meachum killed Philmont. As Ives tried to explain while he assumed the boys killed Philmont, Tim spotted a familiar face Stephanie Brown. Stephanie came into school to pick a few books for her home schooling and met up with a few friends from class. But as fast as the admiration for Stephanie began, Stephanie was fast to put the girls in there place about how unfair and uncool it was to be a mother in high school.

Later that night Robin joined Oracle at her home to use her computer. Robin and Oracle discussed the Philmont case. The police report stated that Philmont was beat repeatedly with a blunt object yet there was no residue in the wounds. As Oracle stated "No murder weapon, no witnesses, a section of woods a thousand students a day take shortcuts through." With school in session that means no one was in the woods, it means someone must have seen something, even if they don't know what they have seen.

Taking a break, Tim in disguise as Alvin Dravin stopped by to see Stephanie. Steph more concerned about where Tim should be at this time was happy to see him. Steph explained to Alvin about how sad she was at her friends out look on pregnancy and how easy they all have it.

The next morning Tim decided to do some detective work. As he searched around he found something that may be useful. Tim found a set of tracks running through the woods. He found a cart run by a homeless man collecting recyclables. Believing that the homeless man had a possible stake in this case since he had lots of blunt instruments that could be considered dangerous. Later that night, Robin returned to find the old man. Asking the old man some for some information about the bottles he's collected within the last few days. After getting some information, bullets soon rang out at the campsite one hitting a propane tank igniting the homeless man's shack and all of his belongings. Robin soon found himself in pursuit of the two would be assassins. After catching the two boys and knocking them out Robin pulled their masks and found himself staring at the faces of Stanzland and Meachum. After a call to Shotgun Smith, Robin clued them in to checkout the "Cash for Trash" recycling plant. There Smith and his assistant Cissy found the murder weapon, a glass body with clear fingerprints and some blood. It was finally over.

The next night Robin returned to the grave of Philmont Denlinger to admit that he shares the guilt of Stanzland and Meachum, and that nothing would ever change that.