Title: Robin
Issue: 62
Story: "Faster Than Anything!"
Writer: Chuck Dixon
Pencils: Staz Johnson
Inker: Stan Woch

My Comments
This was a pretty good story. I don't really understand why the cops just opened fire like that on Robin. I mean how many yahoo's just swing by one a line and are wearing a cape. The touch with Robin going to dinner with the Flash was really good. Maybe they will develop a close relationship like Nightwing and Flash, although I can see Robin getting very tired of Flash's arrogance real fast. My side note stands that Johnson was a very unique way of drawing the Flash. Next week, another issue of Keystone City and a guest appearance of Superman.

3 1/2 out of 5 stars

Story Summary (Spoilers)

We start this month, as Robin must face one of the toughest challenges of his life, saying goodbye to Stephanie Brown. As we saw in issue 60, Tim's dad decided that since Gotham is crumbling around them that its time for the family to move to Keystone City. Promising that he would come back if he could, Robin gave Stephanie one last kiss and left. Tim realized that we would miss everything more then he thought. Especially Stephanie.

The next morning Tim and his father left for Keystone City. Tim acted resentful of his new change but soon discovered why his father was so excited. Jack's girlfriend Dana met them at the airplane gate. As Jack and Tim were unpacking in their new home, Dana and Jack decided to go get some pizza, leaving Tim decided to got for a night on the town as Robin.

Swinging through the air Robin soon found some action. Following a trail of police cars Robin finally stopped at the Keystone City Courthouse. As Robin jumped in to do some surveillance on the roof he soon became the target of many Keystone City cops. Their firing caused Robin to miss his landing and spill right through the glass ceiling of the courthouse and anger the Pitbulls. The Pitbulls scheme was to hold the 10 hostages in the courthouse and unless "Big Dog" Rydell was released within the house they would blow the hostages and the courthouse up. Robin dazed from the fall accidentally started a firefight as he eye gauged one of the Pitbulls. As Robin ducked the bullets on of the Pitbulls actually threw a grenade in to the area where Robin was hiding. As Robin was then at the barrel point of one of the Pitbulls guns, all hell breaks loose as the Keystone City Cops bust into the Courthouse and we get an appearance by the hero of Keystone, The Flash. The Flash stepped in an saved the day by whirlwinding the Pitbulls, the hostages, the cops and Robin. As the cyclone headed out of the courthouse Robin was saved from the tornado and was soon questioned by the Flash on the whereabouts of Batman. Explaining that the Bat wasn't around , The Flash then invited Robin out to get a bite to eat.

We join a bus of prison inmates traveling across the desert on work detail an evil union was forged. As the villains Captain Boomerang and The Riddler staged a release. After the Riddler injected a serum into the guards, the bus carrying the convicts and the guards crashed letting The Riddler and Captain Boomerang escape and start their plans to defeat the Flash.