Title: Robin
Issue: 63
Story: "The Blink Of An Eye."
Writer: Chuck Dixon
Pencils: Staz Johnson
Inker: Stan Woch

My Comments
This issue was very good. The storyline of the Riddler and Captain Boomerang actually succeeding in a mission was great. Although I think DC is kinda over doing it with the Superman appearances this one wrapped up a quick part to a much bigger storyline. Next month, part 3 to the newest dynamic duo.

4 out of 5 stars

Story Summary (Spoilers)

On a late night parachute drop we join Captain Boomerang and The Riddler as they land on the Zesti drink blimp. The Riddler explaining that there is more to a robbery then the goods soon broke into the blimp to have some fun.

Another late night and Robin was on patrol in Keystone City. Getting the number from Dick Grayson, Robin called Wally West AKA the Flash and met him on top of the Albemarle Hotel. The Flash's arrogance again protruded as he quizzed Robin about the reason for calling him. As the Flash explained to Robin why they couldn't team up to be on patrol, they soon found a case that they could work on together. Thousands of riddles dropped from the sky as The Flash bickered at Robin.

On the blimp, the Riddler and Captain Boomerang were dumping thousands of different riddles into downtown Keystone City. Basing the idea of keeping the Flash busy on the Riddler's favorite riddle "How do you keep an idiot busy?" The answer being "I'll tell you later." Realizing that the Flash isn't the quickest wit around is what The Riddler and Captain Boomerang were betting on but one thing neither man counted on, The Boy Wonder himself. Robin.

As Robin stated to deduce what was going on, he soon realized that The Riddler is on the blimp. The Flash just disallowing that since Robin had come to Keystone City that any of the other Gotham crazies had followed. The Flash would not go after the blimp to catch the Riddler and had to be convinced into getting a complete set of the riddles for Robin. The Flash at super speed collected almost all of the riddles and as Robin left to solve the riddles, the Flash was told to get some sleep.

Tim figured out that there was about 50 different riddles. As Tim sorted them out on his bed, his dad barged into the room. Tim's dad explained why he had to move from Gotham and hoped Tim could understand. Tim's dad also explained that he couldn't get Tim in school in Keystone City but hired a private tutor.

That night Robin met The Flash at his house as they reviewed the clues. Robin concluded that the riddles had been dumbed for the Flash. Knowing that the tricks had been misleading, Robin and The Flash then looked for the real world correlations to the riddle answers. Making small talk The Flash explained that Batman had told the JLA to stay out of Gotham. As they were talking Robin found a report that a truckload of electronics was hijacked on highway nine. Referring to one of the riddles, the Flash and Robin were soon on their way to find the electronics, in the back of their minds, "What do you get when you cross a portable radio with a stick of dynamite?" The Flash and Robin soon ended up at a local store that was giving away free "boom boxes". The Flash raced to get everyone of them back as; Robin searched for which boxes have the dynamite in them. The three woman that were handing out the radios explained that they were paid a thousand dollars a piece to hand out the boxes.

On the other side of town, The Riddler and Captain Boomerang finished their heist. The prize being over a million dollars worth of silicone chips.

As the Flash and Robin began to make a plan as to what to do with the radios an unexpected guest soon dropped in on them both. Superman, making on of his many DC Universe appearances this month dropped in to tell the heroes that all the radios have explosives in them. Wasting no time Superman and the Flash destroyed all the radios and prevented any damage all under 60 seconds. These events left Robin sitting in a heap on the street. As Superman flew away, Robin concluded that The Riddler was still out there only to be reassured that him and the Flash would get him. Till next month.