Title: Robin
Issue: 71
Story: “The Lizard King”
Writer: Chuck Dixon
Pencils: Staz Johnson
Inker: Wayne Faucher

My Comments

Another good issue of Robin.  I always find as I try to break down a Robin book for review, is that Chuck Dixon, puts forth a solid story every issue.  Staz Johnson’s pencils this issue are as always very good.  Wizard Comics recently started that this was one of the best comics on the market, and for the stories that this team produces I would have to agree.

The cover this issue was really awesome in my view.  Finally Killer Croc is given some respect as a real villain.  After reading some of his earlier appearances, as well as the “Killer Croc” on the Batman: The Animated Series I’ve come to believe that Croc was made out to be in essence, a fighting machine.  An idiot with a lot of muscle and no real goals.  This issue does a lot to really change that point of view.  Croc is written as a thinking villain, now with a sense of fashion taste, trying to obtain a goal in No Man’s Land.  I believe that Chuck did a fantastic job making the Croc a legitimate threating villain.  I can’t wait to see how this issue’s 2nd part turns out.


4 out of 5 stars.

Story Summary (Spoilers)

The time for Killer Croc and his boys to take back Gotham is finally here. His plan, to take everything from Gotham Hotel to Grand Ave.  From there Killer Croc plans on taking over the Penguin’s area, with that Gotham would be his.

As Alfred tended to the sick Robin/Tim, Tim began to talk to Alfred about a variety of subjects regarding “No Mans Land”.  Starting with Batgirl, Tim’s predicament with being stuck in Gotham, as well as not being able to tell his father “the secret”.  Back at the Drake home, Tim’s father nervously waits by the phone, waiting for his runaway son to call and let him know he’s all right.  Jack Drake continues to wonder why his son and he continue to get closer, something still continues to separate the two.  When Tim returns, his life he will be in for a few changes.

In Gotham, Killer Croc begins his take over of Gotham, by hanging members of a rival gang.  Sending his men to gather all of the food guns, fuel and gold, Killer Croc begins to solidify his base and prepares to move into the theater district.  Killer Croc believes that all that has underestimated him before will soon be under his command.

In a few minutes of off time, Robin and Nightwing discuss their current situations in No Man’s Land.  Dick is staying with Barbara’s lair as he heals from his experience at Black Gate.  Broken, sick and beaten Dick still finds laughter as he helps Robin with his situation of having the flu and worry about how to explain his absence from to his father.  As Robin logged out, the familiar chimes of “You’ve Got Mail” rang, informing Robin of an email from his ex-costumed girlfriend Stephanie Brown. Bad news from Stephanie as she explained that her mother found her Spoiler costume and had to explain about her costumed adventures.  Explaining that she was grounded and that Tim and her couldn’t go out on there “dates” anymore, Stephanie’s attention was suddenly diverted as her mom walked into the room, quickly sending Stephanie scrambling to log off.   Stephanie’s soon finds her diary and begins to wonder what can she do.

Killer Croc has taken over Grand Ave., almost directly about the sewer hideout of Alfred & Robin’s. Killer Croc riding on vintage automobile with no wheels is dragged down the street screaming his demands to the people he’s now become lord over.  Putting fear in to the people of Grand Ave., by threating to hang them if they give him all of their belongings.  Above the area, Robin watches and reports to Alfred about Killer Croc’s moves on Sound Grand. Content to only observing, Robin was quickly found and attacked by Killer Croc’s men.  After quickly defeating the men, Robin began to make his exit only to be caught from behind and knocked senseless by one of Croc’s men, wielding a 2 X 4.

A boy begins to race near the area named “Cop Land”, part of Gordon’s turf with a message from the Penguin.  After delivering his message, the Penguin actually joins the small “Cop Land” brigade of Bullock, Montoya and a handful of other cops as Killer Croc and his gang make there appearance in there march to take over Penguin’s turf.  As the “Cop Land” brigade begins to ready there guns, a new problem suddenly arises as Killer Croc has a hostage tied to the front of his car, Robin!   (Continued Next Issue).