Title: Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E.
Issue: 1
Story: "New Kid on the Block"
Writer: Geoff Johns
Pencils: Lee Moder
Inker: Dan Davis

My Comments
The long awaited first issue of Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. has arrived and I think that the wait was worth it! I've never seen an book with the creativeness of the pencils of Lee Moder. I don't know if itís a pusedo-manga or a more of a cartoonish art but I really really like it. I'd love to see other titles done in Moder's art style.

The book overall was fantastic, my only gripe was the constant "I'm gonna tell mom" line. If Geoff's intention was to make her come over as a total snot, he did a real nail on the head job. Any teenage thatís been in the same position can instantly identify with Courtney.

4 out of 5 stars

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Story Summary (Spoilers)

Its 1999, the times have changed. From what "was" come what "is". A new Star Spangled Kid has taken the mantle and this girl is dishing out some major pain to some prom crashers. The former hero and sidekick of the original SSK, Stripesy is now reborn has the robotic sidekick to the Star Spangled Kid. But this is jumping ahead. Let's go back to the beginning of the story.

Welcome to Blue Valley. A city that prides itself on being the former home of Kid Flash. We join Courtney Whitmore and family moving in to their new home in Blue Valley. Like any teenage girl, Courtney was spiteful to change, her new home, her new school, her new town and especially her new dad, Pat Dugan also known as Stripesy. As Pat entered the room, he informed Courtney that she would be starting school the next day. Isn't that what every teenage girl loves to hear?

Every town has its small secrets as two teenage high school will soon find out. Outside of Blue Valley High, the billboard of the towns greatest hero Kid Flash, a simple prank becomes very dangerous as two brothers attempt to spray paint "Sherman Blows" on the billboard are soon picked off by monsters from the sewers, who drag the two boys underground before the boys even know whats' going on.

Blue Valley High School is just like every other school. The social trends, the people, and the crowds all merge as a big society, but new people just aren't accepted. Courtney Whitmore is lost is this new society, but not for long. As Courtney tried to find her way to class, she ran across the school bully Travis trying to get one of the schoolgirls' Mary Kramer's lunch money. Before Josh, the school star football player could interfere, Courtney used her kickboxing skills to drop Tavis to his knees and instantly makes a new best friend and a new archenemy Principal Sherman.

After Courtney's Biology class, Courtney and Mary went to lunch, where Mary gave Courtney the run down of the school and the people. After inviting Courtney to the Spirit Week Dance, Mary started to get serious and discuss about the disappearance of the students and how school has been getting weirder lately. But before the conversation could go much farther, an extended foot by Cindy sent Courtney and her lunch tray spilling in to Principal Sherman who was not amused. A lecture and essay assignment later Courtney was on here way back to class, and Principal Sherman decided to have a drink, a drink of .30W Oil.

When Courtney returned home, Pat was waiting to talk to her about the call he received from Principal Sherman about Courtney's "disruption in the learning environment". Not wanting anything to do with Pat, Courtney told him off and stormed off to her room to sulk. Once inside Courtney decided to do some snooping and started to go through a box of Pat's stuff and found an amazing secret. Inside the box were treasures of Pat's past, a cosmic converter belt, a Star Spangled Kid costume and a framed newspaper article featuring the still missing Star Spangled Kid and Stripesy. From reading the article Courtney knew most Pat's secrets and was very fast to rub it in his face, after finding out that Pat would be chaperoning the dance. The war was on.

At the dance the students of Blue Valley High were all decked out in their most patriotic outfits. Mary came in a soldier like outfit; Courtney came in the modified Star Spangled Kid costume, equipped with a ruby red cosmic converter belt. Although Pat wasn't happy about the costume or the fact that Courtney knew his secret before he could voice any more opinions to his stepdaughter the party was crashed. An explosion later and 2 mysterious villains in green costumes soon rose from the ground and quickly went on the attack. After some kickboxing and traded punches Pat left to activate his alter ego S.T.R.I.P.E. and Courtney and Mary unmasked one of the villains and found it to be a small black boy with no eyes (one of the boys abducted at the beginning of the story). As S.T.R.I.P.E. reentered the gym, Courtney began to call herself by her new name, The Star Spangled Kid! In the background, Principal Sherman assesses the situation to his dislike he did not count on the new Dynamic Duo of Blue Valley, and reported in to his boss via communicator. As the SSK and S.T.R.I.P.E. left the gym, Courtney began to taunt S.T.R.I.P.E. of how busted he is going to be when she tells mom. As Pat began to rebuff her comments, a large group of the masked kids surrounded the duo and the when the cosmic converter suddenly shut down, its looks bad for our new duo. Continued next month.