Title: Superboy And The Ravers
Issue: #1
Story: "House Rules Pt. 1: "The Never Ending Party"
Writer: Karl Kesel / Steve Mattsson
Pencils: Paul Pelletier
Inker: Dan Davis

My Comments
Great opening issue for the series. I think Kesel had the right idea with this book. Great to see Sparx again. She was one of the best Superboy related characters that came from the "Bloodlines" series. The artwork team of Davis and Pelletier is a good combo. This book was definitly worth the reading and was a great intro into the series.

3 1/2 outta 5 stars

Story Summary (Spoilers)

We pick up this story, with a meeting between Sparx and Superboy. The events transpire right after the recent "Losin It" story arc. Sparx's appearance comes at a time where he is at one of his low points, but a quick charge by Sparx lightens up the "Teen of Steel" and brings them both to the "Event Horizon" home of the "Intergalactic Rave." After Sparx and Superboy started to get into the party, they became separated. As Superboy tried to find her, he soon came to realize that he could not understand anyone else at the party. After finding Sparx fending off some would be dates, a misunderstanding between Superboy and one of the aliens, sent Superboy flying, and in a lot of trouble as many of the local members decided to see Superboy first hand. After an intervention by Hero, the fighting stopped, and Superboy was soon face to face with Kindred Marx. Marx is the owner of the Event Horizon, who soon placed a handstamp on Superboy. The handstamp is an invitation to the party, and to quote Hero, "Superboy is in the house!"

After tapping the stamp on his hand, Superboy again found himself in the "Event Horizon" and after a quick explanation by Hero, the three went off to party. Sparx hooking up with another energy based meta named Amp, left the boys to there own. Superboy soon turned to Hero to get some info on a woman at the party. Hero, explained to Superboy about Aura, "an Earther that hangs with her fashion police." Aura was all to happy to find him checking her out. But the fun didn't last long, as Kaliber, decided to pick a fight with Superboy over his assumption that Superboy was mocking the colors of Superman. After Kaliber put his hands on Superboy, a fight between two too was suddenly broke up between the bouncer. Rules of the Rave state that there is no fighting allowed, opting to take it outside, the entire party soon found itself gone from Hawaii and soon on themselves on the battle planet, nicknamed "The Arena." Superboy, mainly avoiding the fight with Kaliber and letting him take himself out. But soon, as some "uninvited guests" began to come to the party, Marx warped "The Rave" away from the "The Arena," leaving Superboy and Kaliber stampless and alone to deal with the authority of I.N.T.E.R.C.E.P.T.

Continued next issue.