Title: Superboy
Issue: # 1,000,000
Story: " OMAC: One Million and Counting! "
Writer: Karl Kesel
Pencils: Tom Grummett
Inker: ?????

My Comments
Personally, I loved this story. The best part was the interaction of the future Superboy's.. My only draw backs, are that all the future versions have mohawks, in some form, and makes them look kinda stupid, no offense to Kesel or Grummett on those. But some of the clones looked cool, including an "creature from the black lagoon version", and a sorta "Metallo" version that I noticed. Good story.

5 out of 5 stars

Story Summary (Spoilers)

In the 853rd century O.M.A.C. and the Justice Legion S, A team comprised of hundred of thousands of clones of Superboy. Lead by OMAC (AKA 1 Million), the clone 8-2-0, finds the frozen body of the 20 century Guardian, who, had survived 800 plus centuries frozen. As OMAC, channeled the powers of the other Superboy clones, through his "third eye", and the abilities of a Millionex, awakened Guardian, to find that he had very few memories of the past. OMAC, trying to find what happened to the "Justice Legion A" in the past, used Millionex's mind abilities to channel through Guardian's mind, watched as a past adventure unfolded.

It began as an adventure at Cadmus, as OMAC saw the first Superboy appear delivering a package to a new scientist at Cadmus, Dr. Serling Roquette, only to witness the return of Dabney Donovan. As the shock of the return of the evil scientist, set in, the "Hourman Virus", hit Cadmus, infecting everyone with the virus, including Superboy.

As Superboy went to Metropolis, he was soon found by the 853rd Century Superman, after Superboy gave a stirring speech, while still feeling the affects of the "Hourman Virus". At first Superboy had his concerns of this "future" Superman, as he asked Superboy, for help acquiring some technical equipment to return him and the Justice Legion A to the future. Demanding more proof that this really was Superman, Superboy was then given an amazing dose of Super-ESP, which showed many issues of his future, from Knockout, to Young Justice, the Original Teen Titans, King Shark, and the Insect Queen, among many other graphics. But, as Superboy was experiencing this, he was somehow ripped from the 20th century, and was dangerously being stretched out through time itself.

OMAC in the future seeing these events, called upon the powers of his clone brothers and sharing a genetic link to the original Superboy, empowered Superboy, to exit out of the timeslip and back into his time. Later, Superboy brought Superman back to Cadmus, to get the equipment he needed, to build an 853rd-Century computer and find a cure for the "Hourman Virus". As Superman left, it was then announced that it was time for a change in Cadmus. To let to world know they exist, much to the dismay of Guardian.