Title: Superboy
Issue: #57
Story: "Dangerous Curves Part 1"
Writer: Karl Kesel
Pencils: Tom Grummett
Inker: ?

My Comments
Welcome back to the way Superboy should be written!! This story, in my opinion was awesome. The artwork was great, and the story was slam packed through the entire issue. Part 1 of the Demolition Run, as well as the unexpected return of Roxy, really made this a great story. A definite must read.

4 out of 5 stars

Story Summary (Spoilers)

The book opens with Guardian and Superboy squaring off against each other in a training session. As Superboy ends the training, he decides to go check out the new girl at Cadmus, Dr. Serling Roquette.
As Superboy made his way to the lab, we find Dr. Rocket doing a bio-analysation on Dubbilex, whose results, seeming at kept secret from Dr. Roquette. Before Dubbilex could find out exactly what she was hiding, Mickey Cannon and his assistant Mrs. Avilia entered the lab, to find out some information that had yet to be cataloged from the Hourman Virus.

As Dubbilex, Cannon and Avilia left the lab and chatted down the hall, the discussion of who would become the new head of Genetics, which after some thought and discussion, Dubbilex was named the new head of Genetics for Cadmus.

Later in the day, Superboy showed up in the lab with Dr. Roquette was studying the different genome of the Hourman virus, unintentionally however Superboy startled her.. and in a strange move, Roquette with Superboy in hand bolted to the cafeteria. Superboy, did her best to try to flirt with the 16 year old Dr., but to no avail, he heart is set upon the Guardian.

Mickey Cannon, after a barrage of memos and notes and other official stuff, so Mickey grabbed Superboy, and the guys went for a ride in the "Whiz Wagon". After a long ride, Cannon and Superboy stopped at Habitat, the Tree City, and we met upon arrival by Yango Man, who informed SB and Cannon about the "Demolition Run". Cannon, claiming that this was only a legend was met with the fact that the race is being held today. But before Mickey could react, a masked girl jumped in and took off with the "Whiz Wagon".

Mickey quickly explained that the "Whiz Wagon" could only being started by DNA it recognized. As Superboy launched after the "Whiz Wagon", he saw a strange blond in a mask, that was making her way towards the "Demolition Run!!" Suddenly as Superboy attempted to stop the "Whiz Wagon" a familiar voice screamed "Don't try and Stop me SB", revealing to be Roxy!!.

As Superboy tried to gain his wits for the situation, he was attacked from all sides, but a major energy shot, left a big hole in the "Whiz Wagon" taking it and Roxy out of the race. In the downtime, Roxy explained that after Superboy disappeared, Rex got into more and more financial trouble. Thinking she could sneak into Cadmus and borrow the "Whiz Wagon" and try to gain some money. Unfortunately, Cannon, stated that she would get no help from Cadmus.. but that doesn't mean she was out of luck. No, Cannon had something else in mind... and he definitly had a race to win!!! Part 2 of the "Demolition Run" continues next issue.