Title: Superboy
Issue: #59
Story: "Mission to Krypton"
Writer: Karl Kessel
Pencils: Dusty Abell
Inker: Dexter Vines

My Comments
To me, it took me reading it twice, to really get the most out of it. I'm a fan of Kessel's and this book didn't let me down at all. Surprised that there weren't to many tie ins to the 5 issue coming up next, "Hypertime" and its Kingdom tie in, but, we something tells me that we haven't seen the end of "Black Zero". I think the cover on this book was awesome, in fact, one of the best covers I've seen on the Superboy book. The inside art, I'm not very pleased with at all. Something about the characters and there appearances just don't click with me. But, both Vines and Abel are guest shotting it, so maybe thats it. Personally, I think that the story is good enough, to over look the artwork.


3 1/2 out of 5 stars.

Story Summary (Spoilers)

We open this month, as Superboy and Mick Cannon, return from the Demolition Run, with the broken and beaten Whiz Wagon. Looking hopeless, Cannon and the techs of Cadmus, begin to get to work.

The scene then flows to Superboy and Serling, taking about a new name for Superboy. Recommending "Crash." But, in normal fashion, Superboy gets ditched for the object of Serling's affections, Guardian. Even going so far as to innocently invite him over to her quarters, to listen to the Brian Setzer CD. A great tie in to this, shows Dabney Donovan spying on the good doctor, and rambling, that he will soon be "Rocket Powered."

As, Guardian, Cannon, and Adam, discussed the Whiz Wagon, and the Hairies, (the group that built the car), the intruder alarms went off. After a quick argument between Colonel Winterborne and Guardian, the intruder made himself known, enter Superman. After some quick introductions, and viewed hostility on both sides, Superman, asked permission to talk to Superboy. But Superboy, didn't half expect what would happen next.

Taking Superboy by the hand, Superman, rocketed to his "Fortress of Solitude," bringing Superboy, to a whole new world. After a brief squirmish with Superboy and the "Bottle City of Kandor," Superman, went on to explained the statue of his parents. Superman then went to explain his birthname of Kal-El, and wired him to his "nemonic chair" and had Superboy prepare to take a VR trip, to Krypton.

Superboy awoke in the VR world of Krypton. With a new outfit, a new name, and a new perspective. Superboy awoke in the middle of a battle between Captain Van-L and his troops of "Old Bloods," and a small band of rebels, nicknamed "Black Zero." Superboy, jumping into battle against the "Black Zero" soon found himself, staring at the "Clone Banks of Krypton." The banks, used to harvest skin, organs, and whole new bodies, for use by the "Old Bloods." A laser shot, brings Superboy to the ground, tormented in pain, but managing to take to the air and save the life of Van-L, as the "Clone Bank," exploded.

Back at Cadmus, Cannon and his personal assistant, discussed the daily events, and switched subjects to the resident DNAlien Dubbilex. But, as Dubbilex hid in the shadows, he mentally listened to Cannon, and found Cannon's true intentions about attempting to name Dubbliex, the head of Genetics. Dubbilex, untrusting, knows Cannon's true opinion, and now knows that no one can hide there true thoughts from him.

As we return to Krypton, we see Kon-El is discussion with another Kryptonian, his cousin, Jor-El (father of Superman), about the latest of tremors, rocking the world. Asking Jor-El if Krypton would soon explode. Due to the actions of "Black Zero," a thousand centuries ago, became the cause of the planet's destruction. Saying farewell to his cousin Jor-El, with Kryptonian like sympathy, wished his own son would grow to make him as proud, as Kon-El made him. Bidding him farewell, Jor-El, walked back quietly to his home, placing his baby Kal-El into the birthing matrix. Jor-El watched as the small rocket, launched, taking Kal-El on his journey to Earth, and then began to watch, as Krypton began to implode, and shake itself apart below him.

From there, the "dream" was over. Superman, ended the VR experience, and went on to stress the dangers of cloning, and Superman asked Superboy to keep an eye out for "questionable cloning practices," even if it meant spying on Cadmus. Superboy, agreered, although kinda hesitantly, knowing that if it came down to it, he'd have to betray his "Crew."

Superman went on to tell Superboy, some of the specifics of the VR trip. About Jor-El, and Kon-El, and of the introduction of the "Second House of El" on Krypton. He also, went on the explain that he lets Supergirl and Superboy, wear the "S-shield" as a sign that they can do the job, but another family issue came to play. Superman, then asked, longly reminded of Jor-El by Superboy, that since Jor-El, would have been his cousin in spirit, if Superboy would accept the Kryptonian name of Kon-El. The scene ends, as we see an ecstatic Superboy flies into the sky, with tears, now knowing that he has a real name.