Title: Superboy
Issue: 60
Story: "Hyper-Tension Part 1"
Writer: Karl Kesel
Pencils: Tom Grummett
Inker: Dan Davis

My Comments
Karl Kesel is the man. For months we've been getting prepared for Hypertime and its involvement with Superboy and now that its here all I can say is wow. Folks you have to pick up this storyline. The artwork is very crisp, very clear and combined with Karl's writing its fantastic. For everyone that jumped off the Superboy book bandwagon issue 59 - 60 should be the issue you jump back on at.

5 out of 5 stars

Story Summary (Spoilers)

We join the JLA as Big Barda via a Boom Tube explodes in to the JLA Headquarters with the body of Superboy in hand. As Wonder Woman and Steel quickly look for explanations as to why Superboy was dying Barda explained that "he just simply fell out of the sky". The jacket Superboy was wearing started giving off some strange energy that once removed from Superboy gave Wonder Woman a sight that she didn't expect. Wonder Woman saw the event known as Hypertime. Superboy's last words we to warn Wonder Woman and the JLA "the blackness is coming" only to collapse and die. Not responding to mouth-to-mouth, Steel tried to electroshock Superboy back to life but it was too late and Superboy's internal trauma was too great. But if Superboy is dead, then who is that mysterious Boy of Steel at Cadmus?

Superman brought in Superboy to meet with the rest of the JLA back at the moon headquarters. Once he arrived with Superman, Superboy got the shock of his life; he saw the body of the dead Superboy laid out in front of him. Deciding that Cadmus should be consulted to whom this dead Superboy really is Superman and Wonder Woman, decided to accompany Superboy back to Cadmus. Asking Steel to contact Batman, the three heroes left with the dead Superboy and made their way to Cadmus.

At the research base known as Cadmus we join Superman and Dr. Roquette doing the autopsy on the body of Superboy. Dr. Roquette found the cause of death to be burns and damage to his lungs and heart. As Dr. Roquette worked on the corpse Wonder Woman, Mick Cannon, Superboy, Guardian, and Dubbilex talk over the mysterious jacket that was found on the dead Superboy. Wonder Woman explained that although Big Barda was more concerned over the boy, the studies she conducted on the jacket found that it had hints of New Gods Technology it did not come from Apokolips or New Genesis. The discussion was interrupted as Superman and Dr. Roquette returned with the autopsy report. The fingerprints, blood type, retinal patterns, DNA all matched Superboy exactly. The results also should that this Superboy was an original not a clone like Superboy. Meaning this isn't a clone of Superboy. . . this is Superboy!

Superboy. Totally freaked out decided that he would need to find his own killer before he killed again. The Cadmus team, Superman and Wonder Woman vowed to Superboy their help and then discovered that maybe the truth to this riddle lies in the jacket. The Guardian recommended having The Hairies check out the jacket. After some initial debate from Cannon, Superboy taking matters into his own hard grabbed Cannon and zoomed off to the Hairies "Zoomway in their Mountain of Judgement."

At Cadmus Superman and Wonder Woman were joined by the Batman discussed Superboy's upcoming journey. We cut to Cannon and Superboy now in the zoomway came upon the Hairies "Mountain of Judgement". After being sucked into the Mountain Superboy and Cannon were soon introduced to Jude a member of the Hairies who knew all about the two men. Superboy explained why they dropped in on the Hairies and Dane introduced them to the Gadget Guru. After showing the Guru the jacket, he studied it for hours and returned with Cannon and Superboy to Cadmus and could only explain that it is DNA specific for Superboy and it needed a massive amount of power to set it off. After hearing this Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman decided to chat with Superboy in private.

Superman explained that this isn't just about the dead Superboy, it concerns Superboy too. Explaining the recent events in Kingdom #2, Superboy suddenly got a crash course on what exactly Hypertime is and what his new jacket is going to mean to this mystery. Wonder Woman explained that the dead Superboy explained that "this Earth is next. Something is moving across Hypertime, threatening different realities. The JLA should look into it. But the only one who can. The only one with the DNA that matches the Hyperjacket" is Superboy. Batman soon explained that the only way to get enough power to the jacket is to send Superboy off with an explosion. A nuclear explosion to be exact.

After saying his good-byes to the Cadmus crew Superboy soon made his way to the bomb. Some last good-byes to Wonder Woman and some words of encouragement from Batman left Superboy and Superman, Kon-El and Kal-El to talk. Superman explained that Superboy didn't have to do that and that the elder heroes were just guessing as to what could happen. Superboy reassured Superman that he was ready to save the Universe. Some last words from Kal-El, let Superboy with a 10-second count down. Like the last quote says, "Always wanted to go out with a...." BVOOM. Superboy was into Hypertime.

Some last captions in we see Superman and Dubbilex deal with the loss of Superboy. Dubbilex decided to take the role of the Head of Genetics. As he vowed to be as integral to Cadmus as Superboy was.

We join Superboy bouncing out of Hypertime and into the Batcave. These realities Batman doesn't recognize our Superboy and reveals that Robin is dead and was suddenly joined by his super-powered sidekick Superboy. Issue 61 continues in Part 2 of "Hypertension".