Title: Superboy
Issue: #61
Story: Hypertension Pt. 2: "Superboy of Infinite Worlds"
Writer: Karl Kesel
Pencils: Tom Grummett
Inker: Dan Davis

My Comments
Part 2 of the strongest running Superboy storyline to date. Kesel is a genius and combined with the pencils of Grummett I almost can't wait for the trade paper book. The appearances of the Silver Age Superboy, Knockout, The Justice Riders and on top of that Superboy learning that Clark Kent is Superman, I am amazed. Parts 1 and 2 have been awesome, I can't wait for part 3.

5 out of 5 stars

Story Summary (Spoilers)

Welcome to Hypertime Superboy you may not live to enjoy it. Picking up from last issue, Superboy has made his first jump through Hypertime and landed in a reality where Superboy is Batman's sidekick replacing the now dead Robin. In this reality Cadmus are the bad guys and Superboy's mention of his affiliation with Cadmus is now getting him a beating from this realities Dynamic Duo who believe he is a member of "Black Zero". Superboy questioned what exactly "Black Zero" was and made his reference to ancient "Krypton's Clone Liberation movement" and although these realities Superboy didn't believe him Batman did. Although the time for explanations would have to wait as Knockout burst her way into the Batcave. Knockout claimed that her lover would be pleased that she found "the secret base of the clone traitor and his anti-genetix mentor". As the battle got underway Knockout claimed that she returned the favor to Batman since he is the one that took this realities Superboy from her, that she killed Robin. As both Superboy s charged at Knockout, Knockout managed to grab the leg of this realities Superboy and used him as a bat and hit a homerun-knocking Superboy back into Hypertime.

This trip crash-landed into a familiar reality (See Supergirl/Batgirl Elseworld's Finest). Superboy managed to land right into the all-female team of the Justice Society and into the waiting arms of Supergirl. As he first arrived he met his clone in this reality Supergrrl. As Supergirl held him the Hyperjacket was slowly gaining more and more energy. Batgirl informed the Justice Society about seeing that jacket before at Fortress Cadmus. Wonder Woman explained to the Justice Society that there could be problems with Superboy and Cadmus involvement with the Justice Society. Superboy again made reference to "Black Zero" and got a face full of Batgirl who claimed he was a spy and working for Cadmus. Superboy's jacket as noticed by Red Tornado was slowing gaining critical mass and was about to explode. In seconds this realities Supergirl asked for the skyway to be opened and launched Superboy out and again into Hypertime.

This time the trip ended with Superboy crashing right into the destroyed body of the Daily Planet. This reality Metropolis is nothing but rubble but Superboy didn't get to stay in shock to much as Knockout made her presence felt on Superboy. By giving her lover a welcome back kiss. From Knockout's explanation this is where the first journey started. Knockout also explained that without the correct frequency in the jacket it's almost impossible to find your way back to your own reality. Before Superboy could tell Knockout that her Superboy is dead, the Stormguards attacked Superboy and Knockout claiming that "Black Zero" wanted to see them both. As the fight began the jacket reached critical mass again and Superboy blasted off into another trip through Hypertime.

This trip were shown many different realities including, Superboy as Karkan "Lord of the Jungle", as a member of the Challengers of the Unknown, as an apprentice to Kal-El of the Camelot era, and as a member of the Justice Riders. This trip had a strange yet familiar ring to it. As Superboy crashed into a field unconscious, Mr. And Mrs. Kent were suddenly on the scene to help the fallen Superboy with the white hot Hyperjacket.

We come back to Cadmus in our reality to see live going on without Superboy. The Guardian and the Gadget Guru worked on repairing the damaged Whiz Wagon. Mick Cannon and Colonel Winterborne talked while the work was going on. Cannon expressed his concern about the JLA and the missing gaps regarding Superboy. As they talked Colonel Winterborne made the decision that in case Superboy doesn't make it back that Cadmus must be ready to replace Superboy.

We join Superboy waking up and noticing that his jacket is in the middle of a potential meltdown. Superboy taking to the air to ditch the jacket before it explodes is suddenly bite in the heel and dragged by a familiar white dog with a red and yellow cape, Krypto. Tossing the dog off of him Superboy again took to the air to ditch the bomb only to have Krypto return and slam into him. As Superboy tried to explain that that he had to get rid of the bomb he suddenly got a helping hand by the Silver Age Superboy, just returning from the 30th Century. Taking the jacket the SA Superboy sent it into orbit and explained to Krypto that Superboy was his friend and that they have met before (Superboy Issue #8). Asking Superboy to let Krypto smell his hand Krypto soon went on to get along with Superboy who then went to retrieve a piece of Superboy's jacket. After Krypto left the two Superboys talked and Superboy explained that he was going to be visiting for a while. The SA Superboy then brought Superboy to his home to meet his parents Mr. and Ms. Kent. Superboy was amazed that the Kents he met in this time period were so young but an even bigger surprise The SA Superboy is Clark Kent! Realizing that Superboy is not the Clark Kent of our time the SA Superboy used his x-ray vision to check Superboy's fingerprints. The SA Superboy realized that he was wrong Superboy is not the Alternate version of him and then understood why Krypto didn't recognize his scent. Now feeling that Clark's identity was now in trouble Ms. Kent made Superboy promise not to reveal the secret to anyone. Superboy assured them that they didn't have to worry about that because the truth is he has no way home.

Back at the crash site Krypto returned with a piece of the jacket expecting the Superboy's instead he got another visitor. Entering through another Hypertime trip we get our first appearance of Black Zero and his Stormguards as he holds Krypto by the neck and vows that Superboy will not escape him again. Continued next issue in part 3 of Hypertension.