Title: Superboy
Issue: 68
Story: Demons"
Crossover: "Day of Judgment"
Writer: Karl Kesel
Pencils: Tom Grummet
Inker: Mike Manley

My Comments

Finally, we get Kirby because there is a need for Kirby. The Demon plays a big part in Geoff John's "Day of Judgement" crossover. I think this was one of the better crossover issues, because it wasn't written as a crossover issue.  No one mentions there specific crossover, with the exception of the Demon mentioning his service to Asmodel.

I liked Tom's art this issue, he really makes the Demon look evil.  Kesel can write Kirby, and he normally done.  Its even better when we can read Kirby because Kirby has to be there.  This is one of the best issues lately of Superboy, a definite pick up. 


4 out of 5 stars.

Story Summary (Spoilers)

Superboy, Director Cannon, Dr. Roquette and the Whiz Wagon return from their trip to the Wild Lands, minus Colonel Winterborne.  Director Cannon explained about the battle with King Shark and the injury to Colonel Winterborne.  Dubblilex began to inform the returning trio of the problems at Cadmus.  While excavating, the crew found an ancient, armored glove and called the Guardian.  Before the worker could get any more details the Guardian attacked.

Through Guardian’s eyes instead of seeing the returning members of the Cadmus team, instead he saw members of Hitler’s Nazi army as well as the super villain Captain Nazi Jr.  Believing the glove with give him more power against Capt. Nazi, Guardian left in to action against him, little could he see that Captain Nazi was Superboy? Using the glove, Superboy was quickly beaten by its mystic properties. As Director Cannon and the Cadmus workers stepped in, Guardian quickly deflected there attacks and decided to make a quick escape.

Dubbilix explained that he could not track the escaping Guardian due to the energy emanating from the glove, it blocks his mental abilities.  Dr. Roquette theorized that the same energy that was blocking Dubbilex’s powers might also be the reason that Guardian believes he’s fighting Nazi’s in 1940’s World War 2. 

The Guardian working his way towards the Nazi (Cadmus) control center stumbled upon the containment center of the mad scientist Danny Donovan.  Dabney finding himself free from his prison ran directly in to Guardian. In this case, Guardian didn’t see Dabney Donovan, mad scientist, but Captain Rip Carter, leader of the Boy Commandos.  Guardian believing he was teaming with a World War 2 hero asked Carter (Donovan) to help him bring the center to his knees.

Superboy & Director Cannon made their way to the Cadmus project’s “Geothermal Reactor”.  Cadmus is powered by the reactor, which is connected straight into the Earth’s molten core.  Director Cannon explained that if Guardian wants to shut down Cadmus, that would be the place of attack.  Before long, Superboy and Director Cannon found a bunch of Cadmus soldiers unconscious on the ground.  Before they could go on to investigate, a magma burst erupted from the ground bringing forth the Demon, Etrigan. Etrigan leaping immediately on the scene used his “breath of fire” to repel a sneak attack from the Guardian.    The Demon went on to explain the “Hyssa’s Fist” and its powers, as well as to explain his assistance to Director Cannon and Superboy in retrieving the “Fist” from Guardian. Director Cannon decided to leave Superboy and The Demon to their task while he evacuates the project before anything worse could happen, much to the delight of Dabney Donavon.

The Demon explained that he could sense the glove when it’s worn, by the strange energy it gives off.  When found The Demon goes in to action temporarily alone as Superboy was beaten down with a mystic blast. The Guardian started to go toe-to-toe with The Demon, with Superboy desperately interfering in an attempt to snap Guardian out of his power trip.  A trick by The Demon sent both the Guardian and Superboy through a rocky wall, revealing a hidden cavern in the Cadmus underground.

The sudden shock woke Guardian up from his stupor, which quickly begged Superboy to knock him out, but not before the glove retook over the Guardian. A swift punch by Superboy left Guardian unconscious on the cavern floor.  Superboy quickly removed the glove from the Guardian, bringing forth the Demon who demanded the glove.  As The Demon explained to Superboy that it was needed for one of Asmodel’s spells, Superboy placed the glove on his hand and told the Demon to “Go to Hell”.   Superboy and The Demon went head to head, as the Demon explained that the glove takes you down “dark paths.” Superboy in a Black Zero costume then let loose with his heat vision, exclaiming that he’s protecting the world from people likes the Demon.  Dabney Donovan made his way on to the scene and made his alliances felt on the side of Superboy, who then realized that he was in the Black, Zero costume.   Trying to remove the glove didn’t work, after a certain amount of tactile telekenes, literally blew the glove off his hand but also blew up the entire cavern.  A last minute save by Guardian saved Superboy from the falling rocks and cavern.  Taking a minute to regain his senses, Superboy went to return back into the downed cavern to find Donovan but was stopped by Guardian who explained that the glove was also buried in there, and that he’d be his shield that Donovan escaped.

Donovan had escaped.  The Demon believed he returned the favor, as he believed that Donovan saved him from defeat from Superboy.  For this he granted Donovan 3 gifts. 1. Donovan’s life which the Demon saved from the crashing cavern. 2. A whistle that would call the Demon 1 time. 3. “A single hair of Hellish kind” to torment Superboy. The Demon then disappeared, leaving Donovan to get out of the cavern by himself.

As Superboy was checking out his now gone favorite Superboy Website (R.I.P. Nik’s Unofficial Superboy Website”) the Guardian came in to check on Superboy.  Making sure to thank him for the problems with the glove as well as some other war time issues, Dr. Roquette entered the room, asking permission to tag along with Superboy on his return trip to Hawaii. Agreeing to join the boy of Steel, the Guardian expressed his relief that Donovan may be dead, also quoting how much of a blessing it would be to Dr. Roquette if he were.  Our issue ends, as Dr. Roquette agrees with The Guardian, but holds a letter from Donovan telling her that he’s still alive and “keep that our secret or I don’t keep yours”.