Title: Superboy
Issue: 70
Story: “Evil Factory” Pt. 1
Crossover: "The Evil Factory"
Writer: Karl Kesel
Pencils: Tom Grummet
Inker: Keith Chanpagne

My Comments

I can already tell that the "Evil Factory" is going to confuse people.  Right now, unless your a Kirby fan, you have no idea who the two villians are. Nor, who the Gene-Gnome is.  The return of The Four Arm Terror was an interesting twist, he's a character who hasn't been seen or used in years.  I really find that this story has to be going somewhere more.

The intertaction between Superboy and Superman is always good.  I'd love to see a book series of 4-6 issues of just them and some different adventures together. They seem to be getting closer and closer, once cousins, next brothers,  I expect one day Clark and Lois will adopt Superboy on there own.

Grummet's art is same as always.  Neither great nor bad, but, it fits this book.  Although I'd like to see a few different artists take a shot at the book, maybe Nauck or Van Sciver or Johnson. 

The Evil Factory is a 5 part story, with part 5 diectorly tie in to March's Young Justice: Sins of Youth project.


3 1/2 out of 5 stars.

Story Summary (Spoilers)

Serling and Superboy return early from their trip to Hawaii.  Serling brought back a special gift for Dubbilex from the “Aloha State”, Krypto the Super Dog.  Unfortunately upon seeing the Dubbilex, Krypto freaked out and ran off into the Cadmus building yelping in fear.  As Dubbilex explained to Superboy about the invisible gnome that sits on his shoulder (much to Superboy’s disbelief), the Guardian then started to issues orders to begin to disassemble and diagram the Whiz Wagon.  Explaining that the “Gadget Guru” was being uncooperative lately.  Superboy then realized that Director Cannon, was no longer wearing his leg brace, before Superboy could really question why, he was interrupted by Mrs. Avilia, Director Cannon’s secretary.  Thinking nothing more of it, Superboy went to go help Serling find Krypto.

As Serling was searching for Krypto, Mrs. Avilia accidentally startled her. Explaining that Serling didn’t have clearance to Project X, she would need to go see Dubbilex for clearance.  When Superboy arrived after hearing the scream, he noticed Mrs. Avilia leaving the conversation with Serling.  Superboy thought to himself that he “could have sworn Mrs. Avilia was back with Mick”. Serling asked Superboy to walk through the door, that Mrs. Avilia warned Dr. Serling that the bio-field was active, which he did and was quickly shocked out of the doorway.

Superboy telling Serling that he has some stuff he has too do, takes off from the Cadmus project.  Wondering if he really did make it back to the right reality after his trip through Hypertime, as well as his revelation that Clark Kent is Superman. Superboy went on his way to Metropolis to find Superman.

Two mysterious men watch as Superboy leaves the Cadmus project, wondering “if he suspects?” To which the reply was “It matters not, my friend.  For even if Superboy is forewarned, he is not four-armed.”  To which the second man hit a red button.

Superboy making a stop at the Daily Planet, looking for Clark Kent/Superman found Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. Before Superboy could look any farther, Perry White burst on to the scene with a news wire ticket in hand exclaiming that Superman and a monster were fighting in Locomotive Park.  Lois taking up the ticket was soon in route as Superboy flew her towards the scene.  Superboy and Lois keep bouncing questions off each other, not sure if the other knew that they knew Superman’s/Clark’s secret. When Superboy & Lois arrived at Locomotive Park, they found Superman battling not some monster, but The Four Armed Terror.

The Four Armed Terror quickly landed a punch that sent Superman sailing. Superman explaining to Superboy that something about the Terror causes an allergic reaction to Superman’s Kryptonian Physiology leaving Superman breathless and weaker.  Superboy, knowingly not Kryptonian went to work on the Terror.  Superman trying to lend assistance, went on to inform Superboy that the last time he and the Terror met, it almost killed Superman.

Back at Cadmus, Serling continues to search for the escaped Krypto. Around her, Cadmus workers are working quickly and silently on a project involving the Project X room.  While Krypto escaped to an air vent, Dubbilex came by to offer his assistance.  Since Dubbilex couldn’t help get Krypto, he decided to show Serling exactly what was behind the door of Project X.  While inside the air vent, Krypto made a new friend, a huge pink dnalien.

The creatures of the Wild Land continue their search for Tana Moon.  Finding a strange igloo in the middle of Alaska, the Wild Men crash into it and find a tropical paradise.  While the Wild Men want to search out this tropical paradise, the creatures/people of this small paradise have other plans, while they capture the Wild Men in some vines.

Superboy and Superman are still working in tandem against the Four Armed Terror.  Superman catching one of the train engines from Locomotive Park before it smashed into the ground.  Superboy using his Tactile Telekinesis and a trick he learned in Hypertime, glued the Four Armed Terror to the ground, while Superman rushed the huge locomotive engine towards the terror, Superboy using his telekinesis glued The Four Armed Terror to the front of the train and joining Superman, the duo slammed the engine straight into the ground destroying the engine and knocking out the Four Armed Terror.

Superman and Superboy finally got a minute to talk.  Superboy expressed his concerns over not making it back to the correct Hypertime reality, to which Superman assured him that even if he didn’t Superman was glad he was there.  Superman went on to explain how close he felt to Superboy.  Like a younger brother that gets to have all the fun.  Superman flew away hoping that Superboy got the answers that he was looking for. Superboy and Lois again traded words playing off the other to see if they know the secret of Superman’s duel identity, to which Superboy kind of gave up the question deciding to respect Superman’s privacy on the issue.

Superboy returned back to Cadmus only to walk into a trap.  He soon was being held at gunpoint by Cadmus workers that looked like the adult version of the Newsboy Legion member known as Scrapper, as well being attacked by Director Cannon, The Guardian and Sirling.   Next the Gene Gnome and Dubbilix entered the squabble, quickly using one of Dubbilex’s telepathic bolts to knock out Superboy.  The two mysterymen established them as the new management of Cadmus (Simyan and Mokkari) and the last we see is Superboy at the mercy of the “New Managers” as well as the members of Cadmus.