Title: Wonder Woman
Issue: 153
Mark Millar
"Hurricane" Georges Jeanty 
Stull, Hillsman & Vine

My Comments

Art: 5 out of 5!
Writing: 5 out of 5!

(This Review posted by Nik Stanosheck)

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Story Summary (Spoilers)

Wonder Woman created by William Moulton Marston, Wonder Girl created by John Byrne and Superboy created by Karl Kesel & Tom Grummett.

Lets start at the beginning, shall we? The cover. Adam Hughes, as always, draws & paints a beautiful Diana. He is obviously influenced by Linda Carter of the "Wonder Woman" TV show. This cover clearly shows it! Cassie, looks much like other artists portray her, but he really warped her costume. It is a blend of her old one and the one she gets in this issue. I would have preferred the one Arrowette made for her this issue.


Speaking of Arrowette let me now go to the art. As if I needed a reminder, this issue really makes me miss Georges Jeanty's awesome pencils on Superboy. Sure, Grummett is great, but I really like Jeanty's work. Some shots remind me of my favorite comic of all-time, SUPERBOY #45! Although, I have to admit that Georges is MUCH better than when he was on Superboy! In the years he has been gone he has improved drastically! His Arrowette (with a odd, but likeable brown costume was just as good as Todd Nauck, possible even better, dare I say!) I would love to see Jeanty on YOUNG JUSTICE as a fill-in artist, if he doesn't return to SUPERBOY instead. I also liked the way he drew Cassie's new costume, although I don't know what to think of that costume. I did, however, like the hair. That was very cool!

Now for the writing, Superb! This issue answers the concerns some had about this budding relationship. It was great throughout. I think Millar could write a good Superboy, if Karl leaves the title. He obviously researched these characters, Wonder Woman and Young Justice very well. Of course he was pegged to be the YOUNG JUSTICE writer after Dezago left, but he was unable to write 2 issues is 2 weeks as was required to get the book out on time, so he passed and we got PAD's YJ instead. (Which I am really enjoying, especially of late!) Speaking of YJ, it makes Kon-El's caress of Cassie in the last issue make much more sense, as this issue had to happen previous to YOUNG JUSTICE #16! We learned more about Cassie and her friends in this issue and there was great characterization of these friends, Cassie, her mom, Artemis, Diana & Kon-El. All in all, a solid read and definitely my favorite book of the month. I didn't like the end where Cassie was keeping her options open after saying she loved Kon-El, but I guess it was to say she was cool with whatever happened, her role in YJ and no longer "obsessed".