Title: Young Justice
Issue: #1
Story: "Young, Just Us"
Writer: Peter David
Pencils: T. Nauck
Inker: L. Stucker

My Comments
" The first issue of this series was kind of a let down to me. I am a big fan of the series, and personally I would have rather seen Todd Dezago writing this series instead of Peter David. But, I promised I'd wait until issue 6 before I started the letter writing campaign to reinstate Todd Dezago to Young Justice. As always though, the work of Todd Nauck is first class as always and it continues in this book.

3 outta 5 stars

Story Summary (Spoilers)

The story begins with three individual images, all spoofing works of Peter David. The first, an image of Robin losing his right hang to killer cockroaches (Aquaman). Next Superboy sprouting firely wings (Supergirl), and third, Impulse, via super-speed morphing into a Hulk like creature. (Incredible Hulk)

After which, the boys awaken, all at once, in cold sweats from having bad dreams. After some morning comments/slams on each other, Impulse, in his normal impacient ways, decided it was a time for some action.

Meanwhile and I quote, "As fate and parallel story construction would have it, at a convennent archaeological dig not far away..." A archologist named Nina Dowd, and her crew have found a new discovery, to her dismay, the first touch to this strange discovry ended in an explosion, with Professor Dowd no where to be scene.

Back at the cave, inactivity is already threatening to break the team apart. Especially Impulse, and a can of blue spray paint. Going rapent over he cave, images of Robin, Superboy, and Impulse, as well as the term "Hanson Bites" across the body of a familar hero. The Red Tornado. Through this, the team, suddenly were greated, rather harshly by there new mentor.

Tornado explained that the team realation to each other is the Freudian terms, of ID (Impulse), Ego (Superboy) and Superego (Robin), and exclaimed that Robin would be a natural leader for our team. As the debate began between leadership abilities and why Red Tornado was staying in the JLA Cave, Impulse suddenly alerted the team to an impending alert.

When the team arrived they were greated by a mob of news teams, and the duo of special agents, nicknamed "Fite-N-Madd". With all disreguard for authority, Impulse ran strait past the guards and into the dig, where he found a strange cocoon in the middle of the dig. As Robin and Superboy were trying to establish the official security clearance of Fite-N-Madd, Impulse in his ways, super vibrated his face in to take a look into the cacoon, causing the cacoon to explode. Releasing the transformed Nina Dowd, into the now created Mighty Endowed. Unfortunatly, Mighty Endowed, never made it to round one as a problem with her top, made her fall flat on her chest.

As the boys, entered the dig, they came across the strange wheel that was discovered earlier in the book, and using Superboy's "tactile telekinesis", exploded the wheel and the entire newly named "Super Cycle" out of the rubble. And as suddenly Robin feel into to the cycle's booby trap, and along with Superboy and Impulse, activited the bike, last we see, the boy's go flying off into the night, holding on for dear life on the "Super Cycle".