Title: Young Justice
Issue: 10
Story: "Kali’d Away"
Writer: Peter David
Pencils: Todd Nauck
Inker: Lary Stucker

My Comments
This issue was a great ending to the two-part “Kali-saga”. I’m glad Peter didn’t off Acolyte like he did Harm. Both villains have great sequel appearances written all over them. This in my opinion was the funniest YJ issue yet. Acolyte offering YJ cookies. Impulse thinking he’s the 1960’s Adam West Batman. I still think the “Thugees” have the most annoying name. Could Ms. Smith be dead? Check next issue on that one. Over all, a great issue.

4 out of 5 stars

Story Summary (Spoilers)

Red Tornado has very briefly had a normal family life. This evening Red Tornado decided to come to a very special dinner, with his wife Kathy and stepdaughter Traya. After some dinner and discussion Traya asked her step-dad to stay and watch the Hugga-Tugga-Thugee special on tv tonight. A little apprehensive about spending the night, the tornado agreed to stay and watch the show but spend the night some other time.

We rejoin Wonder Girl, Superboy and Secret as they find themselves staring at the face in the sun. As strange as that seemed, it gets worse as the building begins to come to life in the form of statue-like rock creatures. Wonder Girl and Superboy start to go to work destroying the creatures while Secret looked for a crack in the pavement so she could find the rest of her YJ teammates.

Inside the complex, the mystery villain continued to watch the Superboy, Wonder Girl and Secret battle. Gloating over his broadcast beam that was projecting the image of Kali over the sun, the mystery villain was sure that would keep them busy as he attended to his other guests.

As Robin went to the bottom of the cavern to investigate the strange sun design imprinted on the floor, he as well as Arrowette and Impulse soon found themselves under attack by dozen’s of Hugga-Tugga-Thugees. As Arrowette and Robin took down many of the opponents, Impulse suddenly feel victim to one of the Hugga-Tugga-Thugee’s attacks and turned Impulse into a one man tornado only to be laid out with a massive right hand, sending Impulse into the wall of the cavern and another step against YJ, Impulse thinks he’s Batman. Before Impulse could be snapped out of it, the three-person team met the Acolyte (our mystery villain). Acolyte explained that “Kali, who will return to spread her darkness for when a million innocent children simultaneously spill the blood of a million parents. Then Kali, the woman of blackness will return at last to destroy the Earth with a host of demons at her side, Her many heads licking up the blood the blood that will flow like mother’s milk! Kali, The Destroyer, the end of all!” After the Acolyte’s little tired had ended and he’d offered Arrowette, Robin and Impulse a cookie, the team show into action only to be quickly brought down by a blast from the Acolyte’s eye beams.

Back at the Smith residence, Red Tornado and family sat down to watch the Hugga-Tugga-Thugee special. Red Tornado tried to understand why anyone watches shows that are beneath him or her just so they can have a feeling of superiority too. While Red Tornado and Kathy talked a little more, Traya became hypnotized by the show and was able to her Kali’s message, “The signal will come tonight. You will feel it within you and when it comes you will spill the blood of your parents. A million of you is all that is needed, for then will a time of immortality be signaled upon the world and Kali will rule over all tonight.”

Superboy and Wonder Girl are still fighting the rock creatures, unable to figure out where they kept coming from. Wonder Girl having a hunch told Superboy to drop his defenses and let the creature hit him. One major right hand later Superboy was sent sailing into the air, only to have Wonder Girl’s point to be proven right that this whole battle was just in there heads. At the same time Secret found a crack in the cement and was racing in to find the rest of her teammates while Wonder Girl and Superboy destroyed the entranceway to the underground cavern.

Inside the cavern, the Acolyte cuffed Robin, Arrowette and (Bat)Impulse to the sun diagram that Robin was investigating earlier. The Acolyte began to explain that our God needed to be replaced since he was a lunatic. The Acolyte claimed he’d been around since the beginning of mankind’s history and watched the wrong doings of our lunatic God. Bringing in Kali couldn’t be any worse, and with that sent out the signal causing the hypnotized children to begin their rampage. One of the first to snap out of the trance is Traya Smith. Picking up a butcher’s knife, Traya walked behind her mom who was staring out of an open window watching for her love-lost John Smith (Red Tornado), only to turn around to be attacked by a “Kali induced” effect causing Kathy Smith to fall out of the window and take a 5-story drop to the street below.

In the cave, the Acolyte celebrated that the kids were under his control. While the Acolyte talked, Robin freed himself and took the fight straight to the Acolyte. Before the legions of “Thugees” could interfere Secret appeared as the face of Kali, telling the “Thugees” to stay in their place. As the “Thugees” bowed to the Secret-Kali, Secret managed to free Impulse, who was still thinking he was Batman. The Acolyte soon ridded himself of Robin on to face and rockslide undecided by Arrowette’s explosive arrows. Quickly putting Arrowette out of the fight, the Acolyte met with the challenge of “Bat-Impulse”.

Outside, Wonder Girl and Superboy figured out the transmitter on top of the house was the cause of the problems. Joining together, Superboy and Wonder Girl broke through the force field and shut down the transmitter. In doing so, the signal was broke and the children returned to normal, and little Traya Smith just realized that her mommy could be dead.

Inside the cave, everything was coming down on Robin, Arrowette and the Bat-Impulse who just suddenly snapped back into being just Impulse. Racing to get the team out of the cave, Impulse was be followed by a gigantic fireball. Above ground, Superboy and Wonder Girl felt the grounds begin to buckle and open. AS soon as it opened the rest of the YJ team exploded from the ground escaping the fireball in the nick-of-time. Robin explained that Arrowette’s problem with the police could be cleared up if Superboy and himself talked to the police. Bottom line, the YJ crew saved the world…again!

In the meantime, the Acolyte removed his makeup and began to plot his next plan of bringing another dark God to replace our own.