Title: Young Justice
Issue: 11
Story: "Siege Perilous"
Writer: Peter David
Pencils: Angel Unzueta
Inker: Lary Stucker/ Jamie Mendoza

My Comments
This was a great issue. With the trend of guest artists and guest inkers lately YJ continues to publish great stories and some really great art. If Todd Nauck ever decided to leave this issue, I would hope Unzueta would be the first to get the job. One of the this issues biggest wonder is “Since when doesn’t Red Tornado have rights?” He and Kathy did adopt Traya at one time. Also Secret’s “secret” is really starting to get interesting. 1) She freaked out the ghost-like Desperro a few issues ago when he claimed to see “The Abyss”. 2) She doesn’t like water or electricity. 3) She’s been in the care of the D.E.O. since she was a kid. 4) She saw Kathy Sutton on “the other side” looking into “The Abyss” and then entered her body. My bet, Secret is going to be one of the “Earth Angels” like Supergirl. Next issue, YJ goes to Hel…Heck in the first of a 4-part crossover with Supergirl, and opens the door to a new DCU Villain named Goth.

4 1/2 out of 5 stars

Story Summary (Spoilers)

Red Tornado and Kathy Smith's doctor stand over her body reviewing her case. Amazed that Kathy didn't die after the 5-story drop she suffered at the hands of a Kali-enhanced Traya Smith (last issue). Suffering from internal injuries Kathy lays in a coma as the fate of her estranged husband and daughter rest in the balance.

Outside a social worker, Ms. Bloom informed Traya that she would be coming with her and put into a foster home since her mom was incapacted. Red Tornado was the first to object, even going so far as to take Ms. Bloom's hands off Traya and bring up the fact that Kathy and Red Tornado adopted Traya together, but it wasn't long until Fite & MADD stepped in. After a brief discussion of truth and Fite & Madd's role with Young Justice, Red Tornado finally released Traya in hopes that the Family Courts would be fair in their decision.

Back at the Justice Cave, the team decided to have some fun and swim, well everyone except Secret. Secret expressed her fear of the water. After Cissie decided that Secret needed a name, the girls decided that Suzie would be better than Victoria, renaming Secret to Suzie Secret. Cissie went on to explain all her different names only to be interrupted by Robin, explaining the situation with Red Tornado in Chicago, Robin decided that it was best to keep alert and quickly taught Bart a lesson in expecting the unexpected.

Things weren’t going very good with Red Tornado in Chicago. The Judge has major problems concerning the fact that Red Tornado is a machine. Tornado posted his objections that he has as much right to be Traya's foster father, but his objections went unheard as the Judge claimed that Red Tornado has "no human rights" and Traya would be put in a new foster home until Kathy awakened from her coma. The scream of his daughter sent Red Tornado over the top as Traya punched Ms. Bloom and ran to her father, Tornado gusted Fite & Madd out the nearest window and liked Superboy, they were blowing this joint! Fite quickly started a null field around the courthouse preventing Red Tornado from escaping and quickly called in more reinforcements.

Robin called YJ to arms as the events in Chicago took place. Red Tornado would not let the reputation of Young Justice be ruined and ordered the team not to interfere. Red Tornado was leaving with his daughter one way or another. Robin listened to the objections of Superboy and Arrowette about staying out of non-team related business. Robin decided that the team couldn't go, but the members of Young Justice can.

The A.P.E.S. have arrived at the Chicago Court House. So did the members of Young Justice and the D.E.O. The D.E.O. has started disliking the A.P.E.S. more and more and in this case decided to reluctantly step back from this case, vowing that the A.P.E.S. and the D.E.O. would meet again. Telling Secret to create a disturbance once the field went down, as the A.P.E.S. entered the field, the crowd suddenly became a panic as Secret created a 100-foot "Independent Council" (Ken Starr). Secret has been watching way too much CNN! Using the distraction the team rushed in only to catch the eyes of Madd who shot a gas grenade at the boys, only to have it returned to them, temporarily bringing Fite & Madd to there knees.

Once inside Superboy was issued orders to get the field turned off, Impulse to find the Tornado and inform him about the team, while Arrowette, Robin and Wonder Girl held off the A.P.E.S. so the Tornado could escape. Secret left to work on another case, Kathy Smith.

Secret hovered above Kathy. Secret could sense Kathy hovering over "the Abyss." Secret could sense Kathy's fear, but removed her breathing mask and Secret entered the body of Kathy Smith.

After Bart told the Tornado what the plan was, he raced back to Robin and Arrowette who were confronting the A.P.E.S. Robin giving Bart a smoke screen quickly tied together the laces of the A.P.E.S. On another angle Superboy found where some gasoline was stored and came up with a plan of his own. Back to the A.P.E.S. Wonder Girl found a statue of the Lady Justice and used it to block the A.P.E.S. and even put Fite & Madd on the defensive. Fite with another of his smoke grenades put Wonder Girl on the defensive, under the smoke screen Fite & Madd thought they may have recognized the girl running away in the smoke. The team met up with Red Tornado and again he tried to get YJ to reconsider their actions and get away, but a scream from the roof stopped everything. Superboy on the roof became "The Human Torch". Robin saw that the A.P.E.S. were going to drop part of the shield so that a few of the A.P.E.S. Air Squad could come in and save the fiery Kid of Steel. Using the opening, Red Tornado and Traya were gone. The team had won, but once Superboy (in costume) returned to the team, escape became hopeless as Fite & Madd and the A.P.E.S caught them.