Title: Young Justice
Issue: #1,000,000
Story: "Just Ice, Cubed"
Writer: Peter David
Pencils: T. Nauck, A. Unzueta, C. Rousseau

My Comments
"Personally, I have to give credit to PAD. This is one of his better works on the story, and it works perfectly with the type of toungue in cheek work that he is doing. Hopefully, the same type of tone will carry with the book, just maybe a little more serious. Good Work Peter. A definite must read. I also wanted to say, all the art in this series was great especially the Doomsday/Superboy sequence. This is one of the biggest plus to this series the art work."

3 1/2 Stars outta 5

Story Summary (Spoilers)

Its the 853rd Century, millions of years in the future. The legacy of Young Justice still remains. In the far future, the team, now known as the Young Justice Legion S, meets, with its members, Robin "The Toy Wonder". Batman's homemade machine intellgence programed with the personality of a younger Robin. Impulse, not lot is known about him, but he is believed to be the personification of random thoughts of the legendary heroes that have traveled through the Speed Force. And lastly Omac. The leader of Young Justice Legion. Omac is awesome the One Millionth clone of the original Superboy.

The story begins as Robin, finds a capsule containing one of the original members of Young Justice. As the discussion begins of who it might be, we are introduced to the leading characters of the story, who, in there own ways begin to tell stories of there predcessors, which in all ways becomes a game of who was better.

Robin, begins to tell his story of how Batman slipped on some ice during some ice during the "Final Night", and broke his back (reference to Knightfall), even after which, all the heroes of the world began to fall from the sky. As the heroes fell, it was left to Robin to defend Gotham, and defeat Two-Face and many looters. Robin also, raised the spirts of the world's heroes and ultimatly led them on to defeat the Sun Eater, in there self-proclaimed Zero Hour. (The Final Night)

Impulse, regailed the team of how the past Impulse, led his team of Young Justice, to victory, with his "Impulse-Cycle". As the team return from one of its adventures, Impulse scouted a giant feather, as the team decided to investigate. Suddenly, a warning from out of the sky, warned Impulse and YJ to run, as Superboy and Robin didn't heed there warning, the yoke, was certainly was on them as a giant egg, landed on them. Then in a sheer minute of horror the met and noticed... The Millennium Chicken.

Finally, Omac, the clone of Superboy, retold of Superboy's epic struggle against Doomsday. Who after Doomsday killed the original Man of Steel, Superboy rose to the occassion to fight the man who killed his mentor, and ultimatly won, by litterally moving the Earth, sending Doomsday off the planet.

But... thats what they say.

Unfortunatly, we will never know who was in the tube. Because of the impatience of YJ, the contents were desinergrated.
I guess some things never change.